10 Bold Predictions For Final Four Games

The 2014 NFL season is already 3/4 of the way over, but there's still plenty of huge match ups in front of us. With the Eagles sitting comfortably at 9-3, what can we expect to see from them over the next month? Can the defense keep up with the great play? Will we see the return of Nick Foles? Lets find out.

1. LeSean McCoy Rushes For Over 550 Yards

Through the first four games of the year, McCoy only totaled 182 yards on the ground. That's a pathetic average of 45.5 yards per game, it's seriously a miracle the team started off 3-1. Through the last four games however, McCoy has totaled 396 yards for a far better average of 99 YPG. Now that McCoy has his confidence back, expect the Pro Bowler to have the strongest quarter of the year.

2. Mark Sanchez Commits Zero Turnovers Vs. Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are built to stop the Eagles, at least their defense is. That's why it will be a borderline miracle when Mark Sanchez commits zero turnovers against the leagues most talented defense. I'm not saying Eagles will walk away victorious, but if Sanchez can somehow go 60 minutes without any turnovers, it'll greatly increase the teams' chances of snatching a seemingly impossible W.

3. Jeremy Maclin Totals Over 300 Yards, Scores Three Times

After the first few weeks of the 2014 season, it was clear Jeremy Maclin had rehabbed just fine from his season-ending ACL injury in 2013. After the midway point, it became obvious Maclin was on pace for career numbers. Now, with just a few games left, No.18 is already having the best year of his career. Yes his numbers have dropped off since Sanchez got the nod to start, but they've slowly started to rise over the last few weeks. Expect the Sanchize to finally get in sync with his no.1 Wideout.

4. Jordan Matthews Scores Four More Times, Surpasses 1000 Yards

While Jeremy Maclin is the teams number one option, Jordan Matthews is clearly Sanchez's No.1 option. I fully expect the two to keep the production up as Matthews reaches 1000 yards in his first year in the NFL. Guess what Riley Cooper? You're expendable.

5. Eagles Score At Least Three More Non-Offensive TD's

The biggest bright light from the Eagles 9-3 start has been their remarkable special teams play as well as their disruptive play on defense. With Darren Sproles still somehow getting balls punted to him, I certainly wouldn't put another score out of his reach. On the other hand, the Eagles will be facing some pretty porous offenses the last couple weeks, so I wouldn't be surprised to see five or six turnovers from those games combined.

6. James Casey Outscores Zach Ertz

Who would've thought this could be possible? Somehow it is unfortunately. In this scenario, i'm hoping/praying that Chip is just saving Ertz for the post-season, or at least the last few weeks. Since the second year tight end has been surprisingly ineffective this year, I could see Chip fully getting the TE involved the last couple weeks to throw defenses off and add that extra threat. Until then however, I'm thinking James Casey gets lucky a couple more times.

7. Cary Williams Gives Up Zero TD's

This may just be the boldest prediction from this list. Through the two years he's been with the Eagles, Cary Williams has been a constant liability, whether it be verbally, or through his shoddy play. However despite an extremely rough start to 2014, Williams played lights-out football limiting Dez Bryant to one of his lowest outputs of the year. The former Raven will face plenty of talent in the coming month, so be prepared to order your No.26 jersey's (or not) after he shuts down nearly every receiver he's matched up with. Maybe he's not THAT bad after all...

8. Eagles Defense Totals At Least 15 Sacks

The Eagles defensive line has been an absolute vital part of the teams' success this year. Connor Barwin and Trent Cole are as dynamic as ever, while Fletcher Cox, Cedric Thornton and Bennie Logan are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The Eagles defense ranks second in sacks (42) and they are averaging a healthy 3.5 a game. 15 sacks over the next four games is completely do-able for this unit, and I'm sure Billy Davis is expecting it of them.

9. Nick Foles Does Not Return This Year

The "boldness" of this prediction depends upon how well Sanchez plays over the next few weeks. If Sanchez goes 2-0 over the next two weeks, there's no questioning he'll remain the starter throughout the year, into the Playoffs, should he take them there. However if he struggles against both Seattle and Dallas, I'd expect Foles to make a "miracle" recovery and be ready for the last two weeks.

10. Eagles Snag Playoff Bye-Week

This would take a whole lot, including Arizona, Green Bay and Seattle struggling the final few weeks. However if these predictions listed above come true, I think the Eagles could legitimately make a push for a bye week before heading into the post season. Yeah it's a stretch, but isn't that the point of these articles?

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