Simple Gameplan Vs. A Complex Team

Sitting at 9-3, the Eagles are still atop the NFC East despite a Cowboys victory this past Thursday. However if the Eagles want to keep their claim of a game ahead, they'll need to defeat the Seattle Seahawks this weekend, which is certainly no easy feat. Facing the top defense and one of the most electric offenses, the plan to victory may be a little simpler than you'd expect.

1. Run The Ball Effectively

Obviously the Seahawks are the most threatening defense in the NFL. Top five in nearly every category, it's hard to find a weak spot in this elite unit. However considering they allow over 3.5 yards per carry, LeSean McCoy could be set to have another huge game. Darren Sproles is also due for another score, or two. In fact I think the two RBs may be the two most important offensive players vs. the Seahawks. If the offense sticks to a 70:30 ratio, where the ball is being run 70% of the time, I think the Eagles could have a real chance at coming out victorious.

2. Zach Ertz, This Is Your Chance

Zach Ertz is clearly unhappy with his role in the offense. I mean, i'm sure he's more than happy to be in Philly, on a winning team, but he wants to contribute more. To win games however, the Eagles haven't exactly needed that extra receiving threat, hence Brent Celek, AKA the sixth lineman, getting most the reps. However against a powerhouse secondary like Seattle's, the Eagles will need every receiving threat they can muster. Expect Zach Ertz to get more chances on Sunday than he has all year...

3. Pressure Russell Wilson On All Sides

If the Eagles are truly going to put up a fight on Sunday, the defense needs to show up. The Eagles have been absolute monsters when it comes to being disruptive in the backfield as they already have 42 sacks, which is second in the league. If they can get a few sacks on Wilson early in the game, it would play a large part in keeping him unsure in the pocket through the length of the game. Make no doubt, Russell Wilson is this teams' most important player.

4. Hault Marshawn Lynch To Under 70 Yards Rushing

The Eagles stopped Demarco Murray in the middle of his career year, if they can do the same with Marshawn Lynch, this game could be over before it started. Yes Russell Wilson is the teams' most important player, but Lynch is right up there as well. Unfortunately for the Eagles, he's the leagues' most punishing runner, and the Eagles aren't exactly elite when it comes to tackling. Keep your fingers crossed folks, this one is going to be one hell of a fight..

5. Win The Turnover Battle

This isn't necessarily something you can coach, but if the Eagles don't win the turnover battle on Sunday, they won't win the game. The Eagles lead the league in forced fumbles, so making a few big plays certainly isn't out of the question. If the defense provides adequate pressure on Wilson he'll be forcing a lot of throws, which could turn into a few lucky breaks for the Eagles. As far the Eagles offense NOT turning the ball over goes, as long as Sanchez gets out of the pocket and has a healthy run-to-pass ratio, I don't expect more than one turnover from them. As a whole, this wont be an easy task by any means, but the Eagles have the personnel to get it done.

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