Eagles Grounded; Fall to Seattle 24-14

The Eagles couldn't get anything going in this one.


The Birds were lucky to be down only three at half time. If it wasn’t for Jon Ryan mishandling a punt, the Eagles would have been scoreless. Take a look at these ugly first half stats.

Mark Sanchez: 4 of 9 passing for 28 yards

LeSean McCoy: 11 rushes for 39 yards

Darren Sproles: 3 rushes for 0 yards

Eagles Offense: 67 yards total

And yet, once again, they were only down 10-7 at half time.

Russell Wilson

The dude simply makes plays happen.

At halftime Michael Strahan was totally accurate when he explained, “If this wasn’t Russell Wilson at quarterback, the Eagles defense would have eight sacks instead of two.”

Wilson was under duress for the entire game. He had to scramble out of the pocket. He got knocked down and roughed up.

But he kept his poise the entire time.

The Super Bowl champion was 22 of 37 for 263 yards with 2 touchdowns passing.

More impressive was what he did on the ground. The QB ran for 48 yards on 10 carries and was responsible for the first score of the day for Seattle on a 26 yard scamper.

Wilson was nimble, quick, and had the Eagles defense perplexed.

For a team that is apparently one dimensional, the Eagles couldn’t figure it out.


They were everywhere.

Sanchez and company had great chances throughout the game to put points on the board but could not capitalize when it mattered most.

In the first half, after pinning the Seahawks to their first three and out, the Eagles O were set up at their own 47 yard line.

They didn’t do anything. They went three and out.

The other major missed chance by the offense occurred in the fourth quarter. Mychal Kendricks stripped Marshawn Lynch on a huge third down on the Philly 36 yard line. Malcolm Jenkins recovered the ball, and the Eagles had a chance to cut the deficit, with just over nine minutes remaining the game.

Sanchez instead gave the ball the ol’ heave-ho downfield in double coverage.

The result was exactly what you think would happen.

Cornerback Tharold Simon picked off the pass, and let all the wind out of the Eagles’ balloon.

The defense also dropped the ball, figuratively and literally.

Malcolm Jenkins had a pick six practically written down on the stat sheet on a third down pass by Wilson in the fourth quarter.

Until he dropped it.

The interception for a touchdown would have made the score 24-21 with just under eight minutes remaining in the game. Instead it was a moot point, and the struggling Eagles offense had to take the field from their own 14 yard line.


Now we know how the Broncos felt in the big dance last year.

The boys couldn’t do anything in the air or on the ground.

The Eagles only converted on two of eleven third down attempts. And to be honest, I can only remember the one where there was a pass interference penalty against the ‘Hawks on Ertz that lead to Philly’s lone second half score.

LeSean McCoy was held in check throughout the game, and lost the ball on his first carry of the third quarter. McCoy was kept out of the endzone once again. He finished the game with 50 yards on 17 carries.

Big-play-producer Darren Sproles did not exist in this game. He had four rushes for 0 yards.

Rookie sensation Jordan Matthews and Jeremy Maclin had a combined 44 yards over five catches.


The Eagles fell flat on their face.

Former Philadelphia pro-bowler Ike Reese prior to the game said this was the game for the Birds to show the league they are a Super Bowl contender.

He referenced how they failed to produce against the Packers a few weeks ago, but how they could prove themselves against the defending champions.

The Seahawks were the bully.

They came into our house.

And they had their way with us.

Props do go out to Special Teams Ace Chris Maragos on another solid game, and Fletcher Cox with eight tackles in the loss.

Nothing else to do now but to shake this loss off, and get ready for primetime against Dallas.

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