How The Eagles Can Repeat Blowout vs. Cowboys

Sitting at 9-4, there's no question the NFC East is on the line this week, despite there being a few more games in the schedule. How can the Eagles once again plow through the Cowboys, who have had an extra half-week to prepare?

1. Keep Constant Pressure On Tony Romo

If Seahawks QB Russell Wilson wasn't so mobile and agile, the Eagles defense could've racked up eight sacks this past Sunday. Thankfully for the Eagles, Tony Romo is no Russell Wilson. In fact, Romo has been the polar opposite of Wilson lately in the sense that he's been shy about taking the big hits. If the defensive line can be disruptive for four quarters, there's no questioning that Romo will lose confidence in his line very early on. They got him down five times on Thanksgiving, can they top that this weekend?

2. Eliminate Cowboys Running Game

Despite shutting him out a few weeks ago, Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray is ready for vengeance. The defense will hopefully be ready for the test, as Murray is still the leagues most dominant back. If the Eagles can keep him bottled up and force Romo to throw, sooner or later the turnovers will come.

3. Win The Turnover Battle

Speaking of turnovers, the Eagles must win the turnover battle in order to win this game. If the defense can accomplish the first two steps there's not really any questioning whether the Cowboys will turn the ball over or not -- they most definitely will.

4. Special Teams Must Be Effective

Title speaks for itself. On every side of the ball, Eagles special teams unit must prove why they're the best in the league. There will be plenty of chances for them to change the game, and they must take advantage of those moments. If the Eagles get any score off of special teams, short of a field goal, I'm betting this team wins by over 10.

5. Mark Sanchez, Don't Screw This Up

The biggest reason fans should be confident about heading into this game is that Mark Sanchez played his best game this year against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving IN Dallas. If he can put up the same performance in Philly, there's no question the crowd will be as loud as ever, unquestionably getting in the heads of each Cowboy.

6. Rush For Over 200 Yards

At the end of the day, the most important thing the Eagles can do towards winning is get the ground game going early and often. LeSean McCoy scorched the 'boys on Thanksgiving for 159 rushing yards, so I expect them to fully come prepared to stop the run. That shouldn't deter Chip Kelly away from running the ball however, as he has two of the most explosive backs in the NFL on his team. If both McCoy and Darren Sproles can get some healthy yards in the first quarter, the Cowboys will be at an absolute loss for an answer to stop the ground game. Imagine putting both RB's on the field at the same time, after both have already picked up lots of yards? The Cowboys defense will be like a deer in headlights, they won't know what to do. Is it Sunday yet?

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