All Or Nothing; Eagles Season Or RG3's Career

As 7.5 point favorites today in Washington, you would assume the Eagles should win easily. History states otherwise.

Who thinks it’s over?

No, not the Eagles season. I’m talking about Robert Griffin’s career.

For RG3, the case has always been the same. You either hate him, or you love him. However, after his most recent setback injury, it seems like the 50/50 balance for the dude is broken. The experts who once claimed that “he will be a threat for years to come,” or “RG3 is the messiah for the Redskins,” or even “Griffin will revolutionize the game,” have admitted defeat.

At most, the Baylor product will start seven games this year.

The Redskins quarterback carousel has been spinning around and around for the last decade. Plenty of guys have had their chance to be “the face” of that franchise.

All of them have failed. The last legitimate quarterback, in my opinion, that held the reins for the ‘Skins was in 1997 and Gus Frerotte. I know most of you think even that is a stretch. The majority of you would push it back even further to 1993 and Mark Rypien’s final year with the team.

Some of you younger folk might point towards Mark Brunell, but he was in the ladder of his career and was the opposite of successful in Washington. He does have a spot in the Jaguars ring of honor, but he was merely going through the motions with the Redskins.

We have been complaining a lot after losses to Seattle and Dallas, but just imagine the belly-aching going on in our nation’s capital.

The Redskins might not have the worst record in the league, but the team definitely has the most to fix.

What does this all mean?

Well, the Eagles blew it folks. A large number of you can agree with me in that statement. It feels just like yesterday the Birds were 9-3, coming off of a dominating performance of Tony Romo and the Cowboys. We looked past the division title, and we were thinking first round bye and the Super Bowl.

Now, just two weeks later, we are 9-5 and the only way we can get in the postseason is if we win both of our final two games, on the road for that matter, and have Dallas lose at least once. It’s plausible Dallas loses to Indianapolis, sure. But can the Eagles beat the Redskins?

We looked past the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football and we lost. So now we are in a potential dreaded “Joe Webb scenario” against the Redskins.

Already eliminated from the postseason party, this game hypothetically means nothing to the team. Robert Griffin III, on the other hand, is playing for everything.

Luckily for him, Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy did not swoop in and astound the NFL with their abilities, and Bobby Griffin has his chance, yet again, to establish himself as their starter.

He can do that if he can simply beat a struggling team, at home, in December.

I say “Joe Webb scenario” because of what that dude did to the Eagles on December 28th, 2010. Webb, in his first start of his career, was an efficient 17 of 26 for 195 yards with no td’s or interceptions in a 24-14 victory against the Eagles.

The win was his only one in his career. Webb went on to start just two more games.

The Vikings had no business winning that game, and because of that loss, the Eagles missed out on a first round bye.

Likewise, just last year the Eagles once again traveled to Minnesota for a December battle. The Eagles on a five game winning streak, were ready to take on a Vikings team without starting quarterback Christian Ponder, starting running back Adrian Peterson, or backup running back Toby Gerhart. It should have been an easy win.

Third string running back Matt Asiata ran for three touchdowns, Matt Cassel threw for 382 yards and two scores, and Greg Jennings had a career high 11 catches for 163 yards in a 48-30 dismantling of the Eagles.

The Vikings had no business winning that game either. With the loss the Eagles missed out on a first round bye. Again.

The Eagles playoff hopes are hanging on by a fingernail. Similarly, so is RG3’s career.

My prediction: One or the other is going to end tonight. Whether it be Griffin coming in, throwing careless passes, and costing him a starting job with Washington.

Or the Redskins having no business winning this game, the Eagles missing out on a playoff spot, and another disappointing December debacle.

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