NFC East Positional Breakdown: Offensive Guards

The NFC East Guard department holds pro-bowlers galore heading into the 2003 Season. Jermane Mayberry came out of nowhere to help to Eagles advance to the NFC Championship game as well as earning him a Pro-Bowl honor one year ago. Randy Johnson gave the Redskins durability on a very messy offensive line. And the toughness Larry Allen brings to the Boys has Defensive Tackles praying for the game to be over. Without further adieu, Let's break down the Guards in the NFC East.

Name: Randy Thomas Team: Washington Years Pro: 5 H: 6'4 W: 301lbs

Randy Thomas gives the Skins durability, and quickness, which is a nice change of pace for their offensive line. Thomas was the only rookie-guard to start all 16 games in the 1999 season, and made the all-rookie team. All this when he was drafted 57th overall! Thomas is known for giving up few sacks and staying with his opponent. He has become one of the better Guards in the NFL and just continues to improve. Thomas can handle any DT in the league with the quickness he has. Just ask Warren Sapp.

Name: Larry Allen Team: Dallas Years Pro: 10 H: 6'3 W: 335lbs

His huge weight, good size, and great experience, all adds up to make Larry Allen one of the best offensive guards ever. When you see all that, all you can say is that Larry Allen is a headache for opposing DTs. Larry Allen made the NFL's all-decade team for the 90's. He has made All-Pro six times, five times at Guard and once at Tackle. Larry is the first person since Bruce Matthews to make the Pro-Bowl from two different positions. Allen has allowed just 174 sacks in 112 games throughout his career, fewest in the NFL at this time. Allen was plagued by injures last year but is expected to be in good shape once the season rolls around. Overall Allen is the best Guard in the NFL, and will continue to be such, until he retires.

Name: Rich Seubert Team: New York Years Pro: 3 H: 6'5 W: 305lbs

Rich started all 16 games for the Giants in 2002. He gave up very few sacks, and proved to be a reliable run blocker. Seubert signed with the Giants on April 27th, 1999. He led the "Leathernecks" offensive line in collage to the 21st best rushing team in the Nation. A downside for Seubert is that he doesn't know how to handle the big guys. He is the kind of guy that can have his good games, and could have his bad games. Overall he'll need to be more consistent, and be able to protect Collins a lot more.

Name: Jermane Mayberry Team: Philadelphia Years Pro: 8 H: 6'4 W: 325

Philadelphia has finally gotten what they want from their former first round pick. Mayberry showed that he has found a home in 2002. Earning a Pro-Bowl berth. He has started in 36 of his last 37 games, proving to be extremely durable. With his fine play, and good attitude, Jermane earned a four-year contract extension in 2000. Jermane raps up what is, in my opinion, the best offensive line there is in the NFL. He pass blocks great, he shoves opponents' face in the dirt, and most opponents are likely against Mayberry, you're going to get hurt!

Overall Outlook: No question Larry Allen takes the cake in this Guard department. A guy that has been All-Pro six times, a Pro-Bowler nine times, and named to the All-Decade team, should be named the best in the NFC East, and also in the league. This man is dominating, he is mean, and he doesn't care how big a Defensive Tackle is, he's going right after him. Larry Allen is a future Hall of Famer, and should still be around to serve Tackles a big old' plate of dirt, before he retires.

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