Fantasy Island Volume One: Do's and Dont's

The beginning of August is when most normal people are relishing in what is left of summer. Going to the pool, the beach, or generally relaxing in the malaise that proceeds autumn is a yearly ritual,that is for normal people. We here at EaglesInsider are a little less than normal...we are football fans. While others are basking in summer's remaining glory, we bask in groups of men pushing and shoving each other into the ground on scorching playing fields in Training camp, then Football begins.

And for those of us who eat, drink, sleep, and breathe football, the Fantasy season beckons. This column is for you. Each week this column will sum up the proceeding week's winners and losers, fantasy point wise. It will also try to target sleepers, give advice, and answer any questions you care to swing my way. You can write to me at: I will try to answer as many questions as I can.

Some Do's and Don'ts
Joining Up
With the Internet, it is easy to spread yourself thin by joining more than one or two leagues. With so many sites to choose from, it is tempting to join as many as possible in order to try to play the averages and be a winner in one of them. However, a serious fantasy player will avoid this practice. During the season, with injuries and the like, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with a bunch of different leagues. I advise only joining one, maybe two at most. This way you can devote your time to one location and have a better chance of coming out on top.

Don't be a homer
Sometimes when we put players on our teams through drafting, trades and otherwise, we can be tempted to put as many of our hometown team's players on it as possible. Although these players' stats might be a little easier to follow, your judgment might be clouded if it comes down to you having to cut your favorite player for non-production. You are a GM here. If you are serious about winning, you have to act like one.

Players to put on your hot list
1. Marshall Faulk-Ok, this one is a no-brainer. Every year this guy has fantastic games and helps any fantasy team he is on. I cannot remember how many times I have lost to teams who had players that did not do squat but they had Faulk. His only draw back is that he is a little injury prone.
2. Laverneous Coles-With one year under his belt, Redskins head coach Steve Spurrier will probably be a bit more comfortable throwing, which is his bread and butter. Second year man Patrick Ramsey also has had a year of lumps. He too should be a bit more at ease throwing the ball. Wait a minute; this was supposed to be about Laveranues Coles? Well, who do you think they are going to be throwing all of these passes to?
3. Correll Buckhalter-With the holdout of Duce Staley in Philadelphia, this guy could very well be the go to guy for the Eagles in 2003. Although injured last year, Buckhalter looked good at mini-camp. I would put this guy on my team, at least as a back up.
4. Brad Johnson- Although never flashy, this guy is one of the most accurate passers ever. With that being said, he would be an asset to any fantasy team
5. Eagles defense-Ok, ok. I know I said not to be a homer. However, with the new additions to the defensive line and linebacking core, compiled with the subtraction of Levon Kirkland, speed is the word. This should translate into more sacks and interceptions. Watch the fantasy points add-up!
Players to put on your Not List
1. Kurt Warner-This guy is done. Injuries have left him a shamble of the quarterback he once was. He has not won a game in a long, long, long time. Maybe he should go back to the supermarket for some work.
2. Duce Staley-A mediocre running back at best, Staley has decided to hold-out for a new contract. He was probably going to see his carries reduced this year anyway. Don't put him on your team.
3. Jay Fiedler-Another mediocre player who now has a back-up who is the son of a former star player for the Dolphins. Expect him to be on the bench by week 5.
4. Stephan Davis-Although an upgrade over Tim Biakubutuka, Davis will be playing for a loser team who will probably be playing from behind most of the time. Look for him to languish in Carolina.
5. Eddie George-Sorry, this guy has too many injuries to be productive as a starter on any fantasy team. Like Terrell Davis, injuries have put this player's best years behind him. A fantasy bench player at best.
And so, there you have it. Follow these keys to success on your team's draft night and you may be the talk of the town come late December. Check back sometime next week for our next Fantasy Island column

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