Food Fight: Not such a controversy anymore

After watching his team workout, and being on his cell phone off and on all morning long, Joe Banner made the first of two key announcements on Thursday. This one was regarding Lincoln Financial Field's BYO Food policy, and the result was a breath of fresh air for Eagles fans.

Just as we all thought the food policy from Veterans Stadium would go down with its concrete walls, there has finally been a breakthrough regarding the disturbing policy bothering Philadelphia Eagles fans. The day of celebration came as Joe Banner sat down after the Thursday's morning practice. After listening to the outcries of Philadelphia fans, the Eagles conceded to their demands. The first words out of Banner's month at the press conference were "the food policies will follow those of the Vet's policy". The sigh of relief for the fans comes just in time for the preseason opener in three weeks and better yet, the first game ever at Lincoln Financial Field. The policy will go as follows (same as the Vet), everything must be brought in clear plastic bags and the newest idea that was not in effect at Veterans Stadium will be separate gates for those with bags of food. The security will be increased at these entrances to accommodate the demand of the Linc's patrons.

Food isn't the only controversy surrounding the organization; Lincoln Financial Field overlooked the water sources besides the bottles of water they will sell. Water fountains were only built in the club level and other fans were neglected. The team plans to construct water fountains in time for the preseason games. Although during the first 2 events scheduled at the Linc there will be free water stations available to those fans who need it.

The hoagie and food issue has finally been put to a rest. Banner can finally sleep after putting this matter to rest, along with everyone against him now being satisfied. It seem like it was an uphill battle from the beginning and Banner was over powered by the masses. This should never have been an issue and we would never have had this controversy to begin with had the Eagles listened to the fans before imposing these rules.

The tradition of bringing hoagies and steaks to the football game can now live on and be there for generations of Philadelphians to come.

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