Eagles: Still looking to the future

While the Eagles continue their march towards the post-season and hopefully a Super Bowl appearance, they are not satisfied with just sitting on their laurels. Here's an inside look at their future plans as well as updates on Shawn Andrews and an inside look at T.O.

There is concern about how the Eagles running game will hold up as the NFL season winds down into the late months of the year.  No one is certain that Brian Westbrook will be able to carry the load and stand up to the rigors of being a feature runner.  And with no big-bodied ball carrier on the roster to help ease the pressure, the Eagles will look for more creative ways to spread the ball around during the second half of the 2004 campaign.

One thing is sure, the Eagles will definitely look towards drafting a running back early next April, a source within the organization has told us.  In a year rich with running backs and as many as four carrying first round grades, the Eagles will be sure to grab at least one.  Smart money says the player they like at this early stage of the scouting process is Auburn's Ronnie Brown, who has the size and strength which nicely compliments Westbrook as well as the speed and explosion coach Andy Reid wants for his west coast offense.

With five picks during the draft's first day (their own three, Miami's pick in round two and the Chiefs selection in the third frame) Philadelphia would not turn down the opportunity to package a few selections and move up into the early reaches of the draft to select a quality running back or a big defensive tackle, if there is one available to their liking.

On a good note, Shawn Andrews injured leg is coming along well and the big rookie has been in high spirits at Philadelphia's facilities.  Still on crutches, Andrews looks in decent shape and has been staying away from the extra pounds many were afraid he would add.  Sources say Andrews loss early in the season was a huge blow to the Eagles and they are looking forwards to his return next year.

Finally, Philadelphia could not be happier Terrell Owens.  The word is the outspoken one is really a good guy and adds a lot of positives both on the field and in the locker room.

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