Q&A with DC Jim Johnson

Selected Quotes from Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson.<br><br> On where he sees DT Mike Patterson fitting into the defensive scheme:

"I see him fitting in. This guy has come from a really good program at Southern Cal and they play good football. He went against some of the better offensive linemen in the country. We plan on him fitting right into that rotation. We'll see how it goes. You can never have enough at defensive tackle. If I had 5 or 6, we'd still probably rotate them, so he's going to fit in. When he comes here, he has to come ready to play." On whether Patterson's height will be a disadvantage to him at defensive tackle: "He's not a real tall guy. He's just under 6-foot and weights about 290-something, but the thing about him that makes up for it is that he has such great quickness. One thing that we like in our defense is quick people and the guy is probably the quickest defensive tackle in the draft. I think he'd be one of the quicker defensive tackles in this league. He's very unique, he has great body balance and he's never on the ground very much. The thing about him is when you turn the film on, he keeps making play-after-play. You worry a little about his pass rush because of his size, but we saw him in the Senior Bowl a little bit going against some big offensive linemen. He's got such good quickness and long arms, so he made up for it. He'll just be a regular 4-3 tackle for us. On OLB Matt McCoy: "Matt is the same type of guy. He's from San Diego State and he just makes plays. He's 6-foot, he's about 230-something. The guy can run, he's got a 4.6-40 [yard dash]. He has good coverage ability. He's a tough football player, plays mainly inside and another guy we really like. He's just a guy that loves to play football and makes a lot of plays. The thing we liked about him is that he had a lot of good coverage ability. Even if he doesn't play a lot right way, we plan to use him in our nickel situations or cover linebacker situations, because he does have great cover ability for a college kid coming ou

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