Q&A with Eagles DT Mike Patterson

<p><b>Selected Quotes from DT Mike Patterson<BR> First Round Pick (31) from USC</b> <BR><BR> On the feeling of being drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles:

"It's wonderful; I am very happy. I don't think things could be any better."

On hearing from the Eagles before the pick:
"Coach [Andy] Reid called me with 13 minutes on the clock and asked me, "Would you be proud to be a Philadelphia Eagle?" I said, "yes I would." It was really great."

On making an impact in the NFL:
"I feel like I can make an impact right away. I fell like I can go out there and do anything I want. I know I can do a lot. We have a very good defensive line and I feel like I can learn a lot from them, they can help me get better and succeed in this league."

On being drafted in the 1st round:
"I was not expecting anything. I am just happy to be drafted in the first round. This is a dream come true and I am just speechless about the whole thing."

On going from one winning organization at USC to another with the Eagles:
"It's really great to join another program that is up and running. I think that this is going to be phenomenal."

On his biggest strengths is as a defensive player:
"I think that my biggest strength is pass rushing."

On talking with the Eagles before the draft:
"At the Combine in Indianapolis, I had a 15-minute meeting with the defensive line coach [Tommy Brasher]. They seemed really interested; it was lovely."

On previously watching the Eagles defense:
"Most certainly, the Eagles being a quality defense, our coach at USC made sure we watched film of them. We paid attention, because they had one of the best defensive lines."

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