Q&A with Eagles WR Reggie Brown

<b>WR Reggie Brown<BR> Second Round Pick (35) from Georgia</b> <BR><BR> On knowing the Eagles interest:

"I knew that the Eagles were one of the teams that were interested in aquiring my services. The first round went by and they didn't pick me, I was a little disappointed, but now that they picked me and I get to play for the Eagles, I am ecstatic."

On expecting to go in the first round:
"I was, but I am still happy with where I went. I'm not going to sweat it."

On having Donovan McNabb throwing passes to you:
"I am excited, ready to get up there right now and get at it."

On watching the Eagles and his knowledge of them:
"I know they are a great offensive team. They have a good running back, good quarterback and good receivers. I feel like I can join them and be that missing link and get us back to the Super Bowl and win it this time. We have a great defense, I know that we like to blitz on every play. I am extremely excited; I like the style of football they play in Philadelphia."

On pushing for a starting job:
"Most certainly, I am planning to come up there and work hard day in and day out, get accustomed to the offense and go out there and make an impact on the team. I plan to come in and start. That is my goal."

On what he does best as a player on the field:
"I'm a great physical player. I get off a jam good, run good routes and I have the ability to make a big play. I can make 3rd down catches when we need to continue moving the ball. I feel like I am a good all-around receiver. That's what I bring to the table."

On seeing TO [WR Terrell Owens], and the influence that he has had"
"Oh yeah, he is a great athlete and a great receiver. He's physical and has a great ability to get in and out of his cuts. Being so big, he is extremely impressive. I am so excited to getting up there, pick his brain and work with him, letting him help me with some of the things I can get better at."

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