Q&A with LB Matt McCoy

<b>OLB Matt McCoy<BR> Second Round Pick (63) from San Diego State</b> <BR><BR> On whether he had an idea what round he was going be picked in:

"I had been hearing a lot of good things. I was hoping that someone was going to pull the trigger and I am very glad it was Philadelphia. I had a good time going out there and meeting the coaching staff. It was extremely nice and Philadelphia is a beautiful city."

On what he sees will be the biggest difference from San Diego State to the NFL:
"I think that the biggest difference is the speed. I know that I will have to learn the NFL game; people are a lot smarter in the NFL. I have to stay focused and study."

On whether he is better suited for the strong side or the weak side:
"I will play wherever they want me to play. My ideal playing position is the weak side. Wherever I can come and contribute, I will be happy doing that."

On whether he played special teams at San Diego State:
"I played everything but on field goals. I am going to try to come in and make my name on special teams. That is the first thing that I am going to try to do, hopefully do some damage. This is going to be my calling during my first year coming in."

On his decision to forgo his senior year at San Diego State:
"Money was an issue, but this has always been my dream and what I have worked for, my whole life. I have been a three-year starter at San Diego State and I feel like I have dominated the Division I competition that I played against. I felt as though there was nothing else that I could do and I was ready to fulfill my dream."

On how he sees himself fitting in specifically with the Eagles:
"The first year special teams is going to be my main duty, but I have talked with the coaches about coming in and playing the nickel position and the weak side. If I can contribute right away, that would be great. I am going to come in and compete."

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