Q&A with Eagles RB Ryan Moats

RB Ryan Moats
Third Round Pick (77) from Louisiana Tech

On being selected by the Eagles:
"I am happy that they saw what I know I have inside of me. I am ready to take this opportunity and the sky is the limit."

On his experience catching the ball out of the backfield:
"The thing is that I came into college as a catching back. The big stigma on me was I could not catch. That was one thing that I never understood. I realize that I do not have a say in what others say about me, but I know what I can do as a player. Catching the ball is one of the easiest things for me."

On whether it was a difficult decision leaving Louisiana Tech early:
"I considered going back to school, but I looked at the whole picture and felt as though I had succeeded at the college level. The last two years I rushed for 1,300 yards and 1,800 yards and felt that I had done all I could at the college level and I was ready for the next challenge."

On whether backs his size can be every down backs:
"That is another thing that I don't understand. They say backs my size cannot be every down backs, but I have carried the ball 35 times in a game. If you look back at my 1,800 yards this season, every game I probably carried the ball over 30 times. The best running backs in the NFL are around my size."

On how he sees himself contributing to the Eagles this season:
"I think I can contribute. I am going to come in and work my tail off and that is all I can do. That is what has gotten me to where I am now, hard work and dedication."

On describing his running style:
"I am an inside and outside runner. I have groomed myself over the years to do everything. When I first came into college I was a slash and dash guy, juking people out. But, the past few years I have groomed myself to be able to run between the tackles with power."

On his experience returning kickoffs and punts:
"My freshman year I was the star kickoff returner on the right side and starting punt block on the edge."

On whether the Eagles gave him an idea of the role that he is going to be expected to play:
"I don't know yet, but I am anxious to find out and where ever that is I will take it and run with it."

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