Eagles In Violation Of Offseason Rules

The NFL Management Council and the NFL Players Association have resolved a complaint by the Players Association against the Philadelphia Eagles concerning violations of the Collective Bargaining Agreement's off-season workout rules.

NFL Executive Vice President Harold Henderson and Players Association Executive Director Gene Upshaw have determined that the Eagles violated rules pertaining to the scheduling of on-field activities.

As a result, the Eagles will forfeit one week of their off-season program commencing Monday, May 16. Eagles players are not permitted to be at the facility during that period, but will be paid for the sessions. The club cannot reschedule the canceled week. Eagles players will resume off-season workouts on Monday, May 23.

Said Eagles head coach Andy Reid, "We take a lot of pride in the doing things the right way at the Philadelphia Eagles. We didn't intentionally break any rules and we will get this matter resolved right away."

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