Eagles Five Fantasy Issues

In this new feature, scout.com looks at the top five questions for all 32 teams that fantasy football participants will have to face in their drafts this summer.

Philadelphia Eagles

1. If No.1 WR Terrell Owens doesn't show up for the first game of the regular season, can Greg Lewis produce good fantasy numbers?

scout.com: Lewis, for an undrafted free agent, is a pretty nice story. He has worked his way up the roster and now is expected to handle the third receiver role for the team.

So if Owens is not there to start the season, he's next in line to start. The problem is Lewis has done a nice job as a situational receiver and taking him out of that kind of role where he can take advantage of better matchups is something he may not be able to over come as a starter. That said, his value for fantasy football owners would certainly rise but we wouldn't pick him up with the thinking that you would want to have him in your lineup. He just has too much to prove.

We should add that if rookie WR Reggie Brown has a great training camp, it's not out of the question that the team would promote him to that starting role should Owens not be there to start the season.

2. What role will RB Correll Buckhalter have?

scout.com: It was just two seasons ago that Buckhalter had nine touchdowns in a reserve role. He was scheduled to back up RB Brian Westbrook last season but he suffered his season season-ending knee injury.

Now healthy, Buckhalter is expected to be the main backup for Westbrook again. He should have a decent enough role (probably short-yardage and goal-line) that you'll want to select him for depth mid way through your draft.

3. What kind of production can one expect from TE L.J. Smith?

scout.com: The team had high hopes for Smith when they drafted him and passed on Jason Witten but Smith has underachieved in the first two seasons of his career.

Smith suffered through back problems last season and had surgery this off-season. Now fully recovered, he should start to show promise with veteran TE Chad Lewis out of the picture.

Smith has enough athleticism and upside to select as a starter in the second half of your draft.

4. Is Brian Westbrook worth selecting as a No.1 fantasy back?

scout.com: This question probably will be debated more than ever after looking at Westbrook's stats the past few seasons. If you get points for receptions in your scoring, it's hard to say Westbrook wouldn't be worth selecting high up in your draft as your first back.

The problem now is, with Buckhalter healthy, Westbrook could lose some touchdowns in the red zone area which is why we see Westbrook as a much safer second back than first for fantasy owners this season.

5. Will QB Donovan McNabb be worth drafting in the first three rounds in drafts if Owens isn't on the team?

scout.com: If Owens isn't there, we just don't see McNabb being a good value in that area of the draft. The question would be then, who would catch the ball with Owens out?

Can veteran Todd Pinkston really handle the role being a lead receiver again? He struck out in his first chance at it.

Rookie Reggie Brown still has a lot to prove and rookie receivers in head coach Andy Reid's offense historically haven't done too well.

While we would still see McNabb as a viable starting fantasy quarterback even with Owens not present, we also don't see him being worthy taking that high either. In fact, we could rank him lower in the top-10 of all quarterbacks. That's how much the absence of Owens would mean to their passing game.

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