Andy Reid Press Conference

"It's great to be back and get this thing rolling. We look forward to the season. We have 20 of 22 starters returning, and we feel very very good about our football team. We need to come out here and attack like we have at training camps in the past."


"[P] Dirk Johnson had a sports hernia and had surgery on that. We expect him back no sooner than the first game. [DE] Jerome McDougle last night was shot in the abdominal region. Our doctors are in the process of talking to the doctors that worked on Jerome, and we'll have more information for you later on that. He is in stable condition and seems to be doing well. [S] J.R. Reed is making progress with the nerve in his foot. It's slow and he will not be ready this year, but he may still come around. He's still making progress, which is a plus. When we left five weeks ago and I met with you, there was no progress made. And since then there's been slight progress. [FB] Thomas Tapeh had the hip dislocation, had to have it cleaned out again and will not be ready. He is on the PUP [Physically Unable to Perform] list.

The last time I reported to you, [T] Tra, [Thomas] with the blood clot, was in a stable position. It's still in stable condition. However, he needs to stay on the blood thinners for another month. So, at the end of August he'll be ready to practice. And [LB] Greg Richmond has a herniated disc, and we'll see how he does here in the next couple of days, but will not start practice tomorrow. And then the last is [RB] Eric McCoo, who had the knee bone bruise and had surgery on that. He will not practice either. [DE] Hugh Douglas will be ready to practice, [S] Quintin Mikell will be ready to practice, [CB] Lito Sheppard, [LB] Mark Simoneau, and [LB] Jeremiah Trotter had an arthroscope on his elbow and will be ready to practice at full speed."

Opening Remarks:

"It's great to be back and get this thing rolling. We look forward to the season. We have 20 of 22 starters returning, and we feel very very good about our football team. We need to come out here and attack like we have at training camps in the past. I know this group will do that. They're a strong personality. They started to develop that during the minicamps and they'll continue to develop that as we go through this camp. There won't be any change in the training camp. It'll be the same way we've done it in the past. We expect high effort and intensity and so on, and we look forward to getting the rookies out here these next couple of days, working with them and giving them an opportunity to get a jumpstart on what they're going to be asked to do the first three days of the regular training camp with the veterans."

On when he received a phone call about the incident with Jerome McDougle:

"I received a phone call earlier this morning. There were varied reports and I was glad that, number one, he was alive and that he's doing well.

Obviously your first reaction is you want to get as much information as you can. And so, between [director of team security] Butch [Buchanico] and some other people, they worked on that and they were able to gather some information."

On the scariness of the situation:

"It is. It is a spooky thing. You don't want to ever see anybody get shot, and in particular, somebody that's close to you. I'm just very glad that he is doing well."

On whether he has talked to McDougle since the incident:

"I have not been able to talk to Jerome. I've left him a couple of messages and he was resting and doing okay. But I will talk to him here in the next day or so."

On when he had expected McDougle to report to camp prior to the incident:

"He was going to come back with the veterans [on August 1st]."

On whether he feels bad for McDougle:

"He spent a lot of time with us here this summer. Really, he was in great shape and I'm looking at it from an optimistic standpoint, that he is going to be ready to go, that he'll recover here fully and he'll be ready to play football."

On whether this has been the most distraction filled offseason since he's been here:

"There are always things that are going to happen. I think anytime you deal with 88 guys, things are going to happen. You are always going to have a number of injuries. Whether they happen during training camp or before training camp, I don't get into all that. I just kind of go forward and I think our football team does that. You used the word distraction, but I wouldn't call it a distraction. I think that things happen and that's part of it."

On whether it affects the mood of the team:

"No, I don't think so. I don't want to slight that because the majority of the guys called to find out about Jerome. So were they concerned? Absolutely. Will that affect them once they're on the field? No, that won't.

Were they all very concerned about it? Yeah, they were very concerned."

On whether he has any idea of when McDougle can come back:

"I'm doing this without our doctors talking to their doctors, but the thing that we've been told is that it didn't hit any major organs in the abdominal area. And that was a plus. So, from the indication that we have now, he would be able to come back and play. But, I'll feel much more comfortable saying that after our doctors talk to their doctors."

On whether there is a timetable for McDougle to return:


On the options available for Jerome:

"We will see how he does in the next few weeks, however long the doctor says that he thinks it will take. I can't give you accurate information right now. I'll know that better once our doctors talk to their doctors."

On whether he is concerned about Tra's timetable: "The longer [OT] Tra [Thomas] stays on blood thinners the greater chance there is of [the blood clots] not coming back. That would take him to five months at that point. The chances are very slim that he will have a re-occurrence of a blood clot."

On Tra coming in later in August:

"Yeah, it doesn't hinder his conditioning. He can continue to work very hard. He is in great shape right now. The thing that can't take place is the contact when you are on the blood thinners, because a fear of a cut."

On Hicks practicing at left tackle and Sciullo at guard:

"We will do just like we did at the mini camp."

On whether he will be comfortable moving Hicks back to left tackle after having him practice at guard:

"Yeah, he will be fine. It gives the young guys and that grouping of guards that we have here an opportunity to get more reps. We will see how they do."

On whether T.O. told him if he was coming to camp:


On when the last time he talked with TO: "About three days ago."

On whether there are concerns that the Philly fans will turn on him:

"I can put it very simple to you, I expect [WR] T.O. [Terrell Owens] to be in here and I expect T.O to help us win a Super Bowl and that is the way that I am going to approach it and we will take it day by day as it goes forward."

On the conversation with T.O.:

"I'll keep that between us. I have had an opportunity to talk to him and we were very open with each other. We will work it out as we go here."

On whether there is a problem between Donovan and T.O:

"Whatever problem there is, if there is a problem, will be worked out. I have talked to both guys and there does not seem to be magnified problem there. So, I'm sure they will get together and will talk out whatever issues they have, if they have any issues."

On Corey Simon:

"I have not talked to [DT] Corey [Simon] recently; the last time I spoke to him was just prior to going on vacation. We will see how that works out."

On if Corey gave him any indication of whether he will attend camp:

"Well, he hinted that to me, so yeah."

On whether he was surprised to hear that Owens was coming to camp:

"He has never said that he was not going to come in. He has never said that to me and I have talked to [agent] Drew [Rosenhaus] also and he has never said anything to me."

On the importance of this team ignoring distractions:

"We have a good nucleus of players who have been here and they understand what we are all about, trying to accomplish, and that is the strength of the football team. Those guys don't get phased by much. They will come out and be rocks and go forward, do their job and the young guys will follow and it will be just like a normal football camp."

On whether any progress has been made with Westbrook's new deal:

"[President] Joe [Banner] and [agent] Fletcher [Smith] have talked and will continue to talk."

On the possibility of T.O leaving:

"I have never heard that, other from what the media is saying. I have not heard that from T.O."

On whether he has concerns with T.O. being a distraction:

"I am going to take the high road. I am not going to speculate on what he is going to do or what he is not going to do. Like I said, I expect him to come in, be T.O. and help us win a Super Bowl."

On whether T.O. will be a distraction if the Eagles don't budge:

"Again, that is all speculation. I'll see when T.O. is here and it will be between T.O. and myself. If it works out, it works out."

On if anything has actually caught his eye and concerned him:

"No, I expect T.O. to come in and to be T.O., to play, and to help us win a Super Bowl, very simple."

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