Brad Childress Press Conference: 8-23-05

On how QB Mike McMahon is fitting into the system: "He's done a nice job. I've mentioned before it's just a matter of him getting our parlance down, but he's doing a good job with that. He's got a good command of the huddle out there. You've got remember he is playing with by and large backup guys, so he's kind of got to be the straw that stirs the drink.

He's got to haul those guys together and if there are some guys that don't know exactly what is going on, he's got to get them straightened out. I thought he did a good job in the 2-minute drill, both moving the team and then getting done what we wanted at the end of the first half. So he's got a good feel, he's made plays with his arm; he's made plays with his feet and is a very good competitor."    

On how important it is to have a big running back for different situations:
"I just think we need to have three of them. I think the things that [RB] Ryan Moats has done has kind of showed you that he is going to make a play with the ball underneath his hands. We haven't ever been a team to bang the table about having a guy that is bigger in stature or anything like that. I go back to Ryan just making plays with the ball underneath. He's shown that he is a gamer and he can come out the other side."    

On whether Moats knows what he is doing or whether he is just getting away with natural ability:
"He knows what he's doing or he wouldn't be getting the ball put in his hands. The pass game is the stuff that he doesn't have any frame of reference for, so all of that is new. He has demonstrated that he has very good hands. But conceptually and working against man-to-man is not something that he practiced in college and therefore this is the first time he's doing it. Not unlike [RB] Correll Buckhalter when he got here from Nebraska, so he's getting up to speed on that and playing out of the tackle box and playing extended. He is doing a nice job with that."    

On whether he expects this year's backup RB to have as many touches as former Eagles RB Dorsey Levins had last year:
"It's so hard to, I guess, have a crystal ball. We've probably got a number of touches in mind from [RB] Brian [Westbrook], what fits him. Then you develop plays; usually we are going to have a package for somebody else that fits into that backup [running] back category. Obviously, he has to know all of the things that the first guy is doing in case the guy gets nicked. He's got to be able to come in there and do what he needs to do. But I don't know that we look at 90 for the next guy. I think that will probably end up playing itself out here."    

On whether he was happy with Westbrook's work load last year and what he expects from him this year:
"He was certainly productive with the numbers that he had, about the same, yeah. We kind of reference a number and see how it's going and see what plays it was that he's had and can he take more. But, you don't want him off the field too much."    

On the similarities and differences between Moats and Westbrook:
"Stature, they are about the same height. They both are extremely elusive in the air. They both catch it very well. Differences; they are different kinds of runners. Ryan plays with his pads so close to the ground. You saw him push the stack down there by the goal line in the first game and end up in the end zone. Brian is a little different, might find a little different crease. There are similarities, again, good similarities; being able to make you miss, and catch the football. I'm trying to think, I guess we haven't seen Ryan enough to really say how he is different in this way than Brian is."    

On Moats and Westbrook having about the same quickness and speed:
‘Yeah, I want to say that, maybe Brian may differ with this, I think Ryan maybe has a step on Brian in terms of top end speed."    

On whether the competition at the tight end position is the same as it was last week:
"It's a good competition. [TE] Steve [Spach] is running as the number two tight end right now, so he's in there in those two tight end packages. [TE] James [Whalen] and [TE] Andy [Thorn] are right there as well, with [TE/LS] Mike [Bartrum] being able to come in and finish a game if necessary. Like I said, those are going to be tough decisions on which guys stay."    

On whether Westbrook was as good of a receiver coming out of college or whether he has dramatically improved:
"All I know is what the book was on him, and the book was that he couldn't catch a football. Well, they really didn't throw it to him that much. So he's done everything, in terms of catching the football, when he was at the combine and here. He's had some extremely difficult catches to make and he hasn't battled the ball at all. I'd say that he's got good hands."    

On whether Westbrook not catching the ball much in college could have been why he was not drafted until drafted in the 3rd round:
"Could have, because typically you are looking at a guy like that and everyone wants to say ‘he's a third down back' and then it's, ‘well, he's not really because he doesn't catch it as well.' But we like his skills up there."    

On WR Jared Jones:
‘We know he's smart. Whether that is the Syracuse education or whatever, I don't know. He can play multiple positions. We like from him and I don't think he has had many opportunities around the football. But all of those guys have gone in there and done a good job late in the game."    

On whether he thinks they will be okay if they have to go without Buckhalter:
"I'm okay either way. You can only coach the guys that show up and that's something, again, that decision is going to get made somewhere else. Whether they want to let somebody go and bring somebody in that kind of tickles our fancy a little bit. But you work with the guys that are here and I am okay with the guys that are here. And whatever happens with Buck, we wish him the best. We want him to be here, but if he's not, we keep marching."    

On whether it is important to have a changeup back:
"I think Ryan, in his own way, will be a changeup to Brian. I don't think there is any doubt. I think they are just kind of different styles. I don't know that I can stick words on it right now and describe it, but you've seen it, you guys have seen it. They are different kinds of styles in how they run the football. Then, you haven't had a chance really to grade Ryan or look at Ryan in terms of the ball, when he is outside catching the football out in the air."    

On whether he thinks he needs to have a veteran running back or receiver:
"That decision is going to get made way above me. What [head coach] Andy [Reid] is doing and [vice president of player personnel] Tom Heckert are doing. I'm not necessarily going to share it with you; I'll let them share it with you. But they are always watching the wire and if there is a guy there, that is the right value, that is the right guy, fits with what we are doing, either at a running back or at a wide receiver, I'm sure that they will do something like that."    

On whether he thinks it is important for WR Terrell Owens to get game time before the season starts:
"He was preparing to play last week and coach made that decision that he didn't want him to play and he's preparing to play this week. I fully anticipate that that will end up happening. They are getting a lot of timing out here. So we've got about three weeks here to go. Every day is important and no more less important than a game."  

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