Andy Reid Press Conference: 8-25-05

"The first unit will go for a half and possibly the beginning of the second half. [WR Terrell Owens] T.O. and [OT] Tra [Thomas] will play with that unit. We will see how it goes after that. Again, at the quarterback position Mike was not scheduled for this week. It's [QB] Koy's [Detmer] turn this week. He will take some time and [QB] Andy [Hall] will take some time."

On what he has seen from T Tra Thomas this week:
"Yeah, Tra is in great cardio shape. I think that helped him get through the week of practice. He did well. I think also last week having him in there, getting banged around a bit helped. This week he did a nice job with us."

On whether there is any more concern with his blood clot condition:
"No. Obviously we are keeping a close eye on it, but it's not a concern."

On why DT Sam Rayburn was able to practice but will not play in the game:
"It's not quite right yet and I want to make sure we are smart with it. He hasn't had to grab anybody and tackle. That's where he feels a little bit of pain right now."

On whether WR Terrell Owens will start tomorrow:
"Yeah, T.O. will start; T.O. and Tra."

On whether Terrell Owens' groin is back to 100%:
"I think he feels pretty good, he is running around good. He hasn't had a lot of pain in there. He will get a nice stretch before he gets out there and plays tomorrow and he should be fine."

On how RG Shawn Andrews has played in the first two preseason games:
"Shawn in a very explosive guy, he has a chance to be a great one. He's working hard at that and he will continue to do that. He's had a little bit of a banged up shoulder the last couple of days, he is coming around with it."

On the #3 wide receiver position:
"[WR] Reggie Brown will be the third one.

On the running backs in tomorrow's game:
"I feel comfortable with any of the four [running backs] with the ones. That doesn't bother me. All four of them are pretty good players. We will see how it all works out tomorrow."

On whether he will work RB Ryan Moats in with the ones during the game:
"We'll see. We'll see how the game works out."


"The people that will not play tomorrow: [S] Sean Considine, [QB] Mike McMahon. Mike had a slight PCL sprain, but he was scheduled not to play tomorrow anyway. [DT] Sam Rayburn, [CB] Linj Shell has a stress fracture in his foot. It happened yesterday in practice and he will not play. [RB] Correll Buckhalter, [DE] Trent Cole, [DE] Jamaal Green, [C] Jamaal Jackson, [WR] Justin Jenkins and [CB] Dexter Wynn."

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