Andy Reid Press Conference: 08-28-05

Opening remarks: "I thought it was a good practice. We were able to get the first group a decent amount of reps in the game against Cincinnati. I would not change anything that I said on Friday night. I thought the guys came out and played well on both sides of the ball. Special teams played well. There are plenty of things to work on, but we saw some good things.

They will have limited reps, if any reps, in the game coming up this weekend. We will see how it all plays out through this week in practice. Again, the guys were in pads today and I thought they did a heck of a job. It is not easy with a days rest, going out and banging each other again. But they were crisp and battled through it."

On whether Robert Redd will be primarily used as a CB from now on:

"Well, that is where we are going to work him through this week. He played corner in the Arena League and did a decent job there. So, it's not like he has never played the position."

On why he brought in Michael Gasperson:

"Well, we thought he was a good college player. [Head coach University of San Diego] Jim Harbaugh is his coach down there. So, we had a little bit of insight on the kid. We wanted to bring him into camp, but he had the ACL surgery and needed to get back to where he could function. So, we brought him in for a workout to test him and see how he was and he looked like he could run around pretty good. He felt good and our doctors put their hands on him and felt good about it. So, we wanted to give him an opportunity. He is a big kid that had pretty good numbers at that level and we wanted to give him a shot."

On what about TE Stephen Spach that impresses the coaches:

"The thing that he gives you is that he is a big, physical kid. He gives you a little bit at the line of scrimmage right there for the run game. He is adequate at the short to intermediate area. He knows how to work in space and he catches the ball pretty well. He is improving. I wouldn't take anything away from [TE] Andy [Thorn] either. He is doing a nice job and that is the reason why he is still here. He's shown some things too as a receiver there."

On whether he feels that the team wants to prove naysayers wrong that they can move forward from all the distractions and issues at training camp:

"Yeah, I don't really think the guys get into that too much. We are not a revenge team. That's not how we go about business. We just try to make ourselves better and try to go out with a purpose every day and that is to become a better football team before we kickoff against Atlanta. I don't think the players get too caught up in, ‘we are going to show you what we are all about.' I don't think that is where they go."

On how he thought OG Adrien Clarke played on Friday night:

"I thought he did a nice job. He stepped in and has been playing both guard spots. We had him at the right guard spot and I thought he really did a nice job."

On how he views the continuity of the offensive line:

"Yeah, we should be fine. I would worry if Tra was a rookie. I might worry that he was not getting enough reps there, but the way we practice and the tempo that we practice, he will get some work from now to then. He will be fine and he is in good shape."

On whether he worries about Tra's back:

"Well, I do. We just have to keep an eye on it. It happens once or twice a year, so we will keep an eye on it. His weight is down and he really is in good shape. So he will bounce back."

On whether anybody from the Eagles staff has seen Jerome McDougle:

"No, what we have done is communicated with his surgeon. Through that communication our doctors have been about to talk doctor to doctor. They have a pretty good idea where he is at."

On whether he has been able to do any conditioning:

"No, he can walk. It's going to take him a few weeks to get right. He will get back. He's determined to get back into playing shape."

On whether he is optimistic that McDougle will be able to play this year:

"I think so. Even though it might be game 5, 6, or somewhere in that area, I think there is enough time, unless there are setbacks. We don't know. I think, by talking to the doctor, that he will be fine and he feels good. We will see when he gets up here and starts doing work."

On the difference between fullbacks Josh Parry and Jon Ritchie:

"I'll tell you, they are both very close right now. They are both playing well and they are battling that thing out. They are close. We have to get Josh back from that shoulder. Get him healthy so he can get back in there and compete."

On the possibility of keeping them both on the 53 man roster:

"We will see how it goes. We will see when that time comes."

On concern with T.O.'s groin:

"This has happened. It happened last year. He works through it and does a bunch of exercises before practice to get that thing loose. He will be fine. I think the more he continues to play and practice, the better shape he will be in and he will be ready to go."

On whether T.O. will be healthy enough to attend the Eagles Youth Partnership Carnival today:

"No, I have excused him and Tra. Neither of them will be there."

On how he thought P Sean Landeta played on Friday night:

"He didn't hit the first two the way he wanted to, but after that I thought he did a nice job. He had some nice punts. The last one in particular was beautiful. He can still do it. It's an amazing thing. He's 43 years old. It's amazing."

On whether there is an information relay system for quarterback Donovan McNabb and T.O.:

"Well, we have always had that. We try to keep open communication with all the coaches. The thing you see is that they acknowledge each other on the field. They say, ‘I'm over here and I should have been here.' That's the important part. Things will work out."


"You know about [RB] Correll [Buckhalter], [DE] Jamaal Green, [C] Jamaal Jackson, [WR] Justin Jenkins and [P] Dirk Johnson. Dirk is making progress. He is back punting, not full speed, but he is getting there. Again, we will see how he does this week and throughout next week. [DE] Jerome McDougle is trying to get back up here right now. They are obviously getting some bad weather down there in Miami, but he is in the process of getting back to town here and getting into a rehab program. He has been cleared by the doctor to come back. [FB] Josh Parry has an AC sprain (shoulder). He did not practice today. Again, that is a day to day situation. [LB] Greg Richmond we know about. [CB] Linj Shell has a stress fracture and [FB] Thomas Tapeh (hip). [OT] Tra Thomas is having back spasms and has a bit of a history with this. It acted up again, so Tra was not able to practice. [CB] Dexter Wynn is making progress with that ankle sprain. Those normally take a little bit of time. [G/T] Shawn Andrews went out to practice today and tried doing some things, but was limited. We are going to do an MRI on that shoulder tomorrow. We still believe it's a contusion, but it's not coming back as fast as we expected. [WR Terrell Owens] T.O. made it through most of practice. We kind of limited his reps and sat him out the last bit there. Then you saw where we moved [WR] Robert Redd to corner. He's doing a little bit of both, but prominently today he worked at the cornerback position. Then [WR] Michael Gasperson signed as a WR out of University of San Diego. He is coming off an ACL surgery that he had his senior year and is getting some reps here."

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