Brad Childress Press Conference: 8-30-05

On whether he saw the horse collar tackle on WR Terrell Owens was last week: "I did. It looked like a horse-collar. And [defensive coordinator] Jim Johnson thought the same thing right on the sideline looking at it. It's going to be a bang-bang deal. It's not a deal where you can run back and forth. What ends up happening is the momentum of the defender swings it's legs around and hits the guy that's being tackled from behind.

And so the mechanics of the thing are dangerous. It looked like one the other night to all of us. It's a bang-bang deal. It looked like it. A guy gets by you, I guess that's what you end up doing. We've seen a few of them. We saw a couple in training camp in one of our drills. It's reaction by the defender, but still, if they're going to call it, I haven't heard of one in the preseason being called."

On whether he communicated with T.O. during the game last Friday:

"I talked to him once on the phone, yeah."

On how tough these cuts are going to be:

"Well, they're always tough. We went into this year and last year thinking that we were probably going to let some good players go that people grabbed. People looked to kind of check and pick people that we cut off the roster, but they're all tough. And this is probably as tough as it was last year."

On what he and T.O. talked about at the game:

"Yeah, it was related to the 2-minute drill in a specific play that got run, and the conversion that needed to happen, football related stuff."

On how QB Andy Hall has been:

"Well, there's a point where we kind of minimized his turns trying to get [QB] Mike McMahon up to speed, and not stealing turns from those other two guys. But he's been okay. It's been limited reps and there's been a couple games where he's gotten a chance to get in, move the football and do a decent job. I would say the Ravens game he did a good job pulling the football down and doing some things with it. He administered the 4-minute drill there at the end of both the games in terms of using the clock the way we want to see him use the clock. So, he's done okay. He hadn't really gotten the chance to get out there and play free-wheeling football for a lot of series."

On where Hall is compared to last year:

"He's a year better in our system. He's not struggling with anything in terms of the mental standpoint. It's just the matter of numbers in terms of guys you keep. I think those guys are all competitors. They all pull for each other and they really don't look at the numbers. Maybe in the back of his head he knows that, but really he's creating a resume in terms of what he's able to do on the football field. Personnel directors pick up the tapes and say, ‘Let's take a look at the guy they're letting go. He's trained in the West Coast offense. Does he have anything that we're looking for?' We've seen guys that have gone on from that standpoint, a guy like [QB] Travis Brown here a couple of years ago. He's a guy that was trained in the West Coast offense, and now he's 5 or 6 years in I think."

On whether he wants to look longer at one backup QB than another:

"Coach [Andy Reid] will talk to you about how much we're talking about playing those guys, but it will be fairly evenly slotted. Mike will get some more reps. Obviously he didn't get any in the last game. Andy will get a chance to play there before the end as well."

On whether he is confident in RB Ryan Moats as the backup running back:

"He's a great compliment to [RB Brian Westbrook]. It's still a matter of learning to play without the ball in your hands. Whether it's how to get open in basketball, how to get open in football, we know you watch his skills when you put the ball in his hands. How you get the ball in your hand, what course you're taking, what you do when you depart the backfield, that's all new for him. And he's doing a good job with it. It's a bit overwhelming at times, but I'm sure that what we'll end up doing is we'll have a package for him and a package for Brian. And that's not unlike what we started Brian when he was a rookie. We didn't give it all to him. There was a segment that he was responsible for each week and it changes from week to week."

On whether he speaks to T.O. through wide receivers coach David Culley:

"I don't have any problem addressing him. On the football field, I've addressed him numerous times here since he's been back. You always talk through coaches because you meet as a staff, and so the word kind of goes out, trickles out to their individual meetings. I was in a meeting this morning with all of the receivers, we're looking at tape and I'm addressing all of those guys. Information is flowing freely back and forth."

On whether he thinks he can go into the season like this:

"Yeah, I do. I'm okay with it."

On what he wants to see from his backup receivers in the upcoming game:

"You're just looking to see who is the guy that's going to be the odd man out. Those guys realize. They look at numbers and they know what you have to get down to, and they know how much you have to keep at that position. So, those guys, they're not walking around with a long look on their face. They're just excited that they're going to get some extended duty the whole game. Hopefully they can flash. Hopefully they do a good job on special teams, because when you are a 4th or 5th receiver, you have to contribute in a number of different ways, and be valuable in the [special teams] area as well. So, we'll be looking for that. Offensive football wise, we'll be looking at the special teams stuff as well."

On whether he has seen improvement from WR Billy McMullen:

"I have. Billy continues to be consistent. I'm watching some of the catches that he's making in practice here, and some of the ones that maybe he's struggled with before. So he's progressing here nicely and I don't know that he had a lot of opportunities aside from the first game, but he's doing a good job."

On whether WR Michael Gasperson has a shot at making the team:

"I don't know. He's probably more of a practice squad thought, just by virtue of the fact that it'd be hard to keep a guy systematically that hasn't been there for training camp. Typically we'll develop guys, let them get up to speed and learn our culture, and then see if you can use them later."

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