Andy Reid Press Conference: 8-31-05

Opening remarks: "We will play the quarterbacks, Donovan will not play. [QB] Koy [Detmer] will take the first half or thereabouts, [QB] Mike McMahon will come in for the majority of the second half and we will see what we have left, [QB] Andy [Hall] will take that. That is how the rotation is going to go."

On whether WR Terrell Owens and RB Brian Westbrook will play:
"No, the twos will start the game."

On whether at every position the twos will start the game:
"Yeah, WILL linebacker will be the exception."

On whether he is ready to get the preseason over:
"I like this game right here. I like it because it gives me an opportunity to see what I have outside the first unit. It gives them their last crack at making this football team. I get excited about that. It gives them enough playtime where you can evaluate them."

On how many jobs are still open:
"We will see how it goes. There is some close competition out there. So we will see how it works."

On who are the twos at WR, RB and TE:
"[WR] Reggie [Brown] and [WR] Billy [McMullen] will start. The running back will be [Ryan] Moats. [TE Stephen] Spach will start."

On whether there has been any contact with wide receivers Peter Warrick and Peerless Price:
"[VP of player personnel] Tom [Heckert] and I are going through and evaluating them. We will see how things go here in the next day or so, whether we do something with them or not."

On whether someone can impress him enough tomorrow night to make the team over a free agent that might be considered:
"Sure, we are looking at all positions when the guys get cut. It's just not that group that was just mentioned. We are evaluating people. If we feel they can help the team they come in. On the other hand, the young guys are going to get an opportunity to show themselves with a number of plays."

On DE Jamaal Green and the time he missed due to injury:
"He's a good, young defensive end. We will see how things work out, but it's a shame he cannot practice. I wish he could be out here doing his thing."

On how Billy McMullen has played:
"Billy has done a good job. I think he has had a very productive camp and has played very well."

On whether he ever was in jeopardy of losing his job:
"I would not say in jeopardy, but he was competing in there, but he has done a nice job."

On how he would compare last season's preseason with this preseason:
"I think they are similar. The one thing the guys have done an inch more than last year was coming out and challenging themselves even more. I said this last year, that they challenged themselves, but this year they have added onto that. I thought it was a very productive time up at Lehigh and we have had good practices since we have been back here."

"[S] Sean Considine, [DE] Jamaal Green, [C] Jamaal Jackson, [P] Dirk Johnson, [DE Jerome] McDougle, [QB Donovan] McNabb, [FB] Josh Parry, [LB] Greg Richmond, [CB] Linj Shell, [FB Thomas] Tapeh and [CB Dexter] Wynn will not play. Right now everybody else is okay and ready to go.

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