Quotes from after the game vs. the Jets

Head Coach Andy Reid Opening Remarks "Alright [RB] Bruce Perry hurt his knee and ankle. We're doing x-rays right now to find out what his situation is. Billy McMullen [WR] strained a hip flexor and Matt McCoy [LB] got a knee contusion. Those last two finished and played after they were banged up a little bit.

If there was a positive out of this it was an opportunity to see the young guys perform. I wasn't very happy with the outcome or performance. It wasn't very good. We're going to take the next the next three days off. They'll come back on Monday and Tuesday. They'll be off on Wednesday and then we will start the normal week."

On the performance of players trying to make the team:

"I would have liked to have seen a lot of guys make better cases for themselves. It wasn't a very good performance. I'll go back, I'll look at the film, I'll evaluate it. We'll see who played well and who didn't."

On the condition of [RB] Bruce Perry:

"I don't know I'll know better in a few minutes."

On the performance of Bruce Perry:

"He's played well all camp."

On the possibility of injuries occurring if there was a lack of emotion:

"If you are not playing the way you should be playing you going to get yourself injured now and then. We didn't have a lot of injuries. With the exception of Bruce (Perry), everybody finished the game."

On DT Sam Rayburn getting into the game:

"Sam got a quarter in. He had that work. We'll see how he did. He's not 100% right now. But he did get in there and get some work in."

On the play of QB Mike McMahon:

"He did some good things and he did a couple of things he wishes he had back. You have to take care of the football that is very important."

On the evaluation of players from this game:

"I will look at it and we will see. We'll see how guys did. We are going to consider their performance today. I firmly believe that you are only given so many opportunities in the National Football League. We will take a look at these guys and see how they performed."

On the performance of back-up quarterbacks Koy Detmer and Mike McMahon:

"I would have liked to have seen them do better but I think they'll be fine. I confident they will do a good job given the chance."

On Koy Detmer being the number two quarterback:

"He is right now, yes."

On which area would be the most difficult to make personnel decisions in:

"I don't know I am keeping an open mind. We will see. Most of them will be second positions. We will see."

On the play of the tight ends in tonights game:

"Both of the young kids (Stephen Spach and Andy Thorn) are pretty good players. They both had good camps. They were somewhat of a bright spot tonight in the pass game."

Regarding the workout of free agent wide receiver Darien McCants:

"He did a nice job in the work out. We'll see how things go here. We are keeping our eyes open with all these guys, but he did have a good workout."

On the end of pre-season:

"I will tell you it is good to get on with the regular season. After tonights performance it's good to get on with the regular season. I've been very happy with the way that the team has performed in the pre-season in practice. They've practiced hard and been very diligent with what we've given them and it's been a good camp."

Quotes from the locker room


TE Stephen Spach, TE Andy Thorn, RB Bruce Perry, WR Reggie Brown

TE Stephen Spach:

On being the starting tight end in tonight's game:

"It felt good. There were some good things and there were some bad things. And it felt cool to be out with the first group. That's a good thing and it's nice to be out there, but we'll watch film tomorrow and I'll see how I did. Then after I evaluate it, I'll tell you how feel."

On whether he thinks he's done enough to make the coaches feel like he'll be here for the regular season:

"I hope so, but that's not a decision that's up to me. So, I'll just leave that in the hands of Coach [Andy] Reid and the others who make the decisions."

On the fact that people are talking about him being the #2 TE for the Eagles:

"It's been exciting. It's been good. But, like I said, we'll see what happens. You hope for the best. It's been a good learning experience if nothing else, so you hope for the best and we'll see what happens this weekend."

On what he has learned specifically:

"There are a lot of twists in this offense that I didn't have in college, even though we ran a similar offense. There are some different things the defenses do, blitz wise, recognizing defensive assignments and evaluating force, things like that, and some new things at fullback. So, it's been a very good experience. It's been a learning experience and I hope for the best. I hope to be here for a long time."

TE Andy Thorn:

On what he wanted to accomplish while he was here:

"I just wanted to go out and try and make some plays, work hard everyday. I just came in and worked hard and let everything happen the way it was going to happen."

On whether these next few days will be nerve-racking for him:

"It's going to be hard. You can't not think about it. Obviously it's the biggest athletic thing that has ever happened in my life. I have an opportunity to make an NFL team. So Friday is going to be stressful. Saturday, until the phone rings is going to be stressful. I'll probably be a nervous wreck, to be honest with you."

On whether he has any regrets:

"No. I left everything out there. I know that. I can look myself in the mirror when everything is set and done and say, ‘I did all I could. It just wasn't the right situation.' I'm not going to have any regrets like that because I know I went out and sold out."

RB Bruce Perry:

On whether he is hurt:

"No, I'm fine."

On what happened on the play he was injured on:

"A guy fell on me a little awkward. We'll see what it is. It's nothing major obviously. I'm walking around right now, so we'll see what happens tomorrow."

On whether he helped his chances of making the team with his performance tonight:

"I made a few mistakes early. For the most part I guess it was a good game. I'll leave it up to the coaches to decide."

On whether this game was his best statement in terms of making the team:

"I think I had a pretty good camp, period. To be able to come out in the last preseason game and have a decent game, that helps. I'll put it all in God's hands and we'll see what happens."

On what he is going to be doing from now until Saturday:

"I've got to keep myself occupied. I have to put it in the Lord's hands and let him handle it. If it's His will, it's His will."

On whether he thinks he got the right amount of opportunities to show what he could do:

"If you really look at it, it was still limited action. I got carries in the 4th quarter. I was just able to go out there and perform and take advantage of what the O-line was giving me. My hat goes off to them, because without them I couldn't do anything. They did a good job today opening up holes for me. Unfortunately we just couldn't come out with the win. It's always better when you get the W. It's preseason. Now we have to get ready for regular season."

On whether he thinks tonight was a good experience for the young guys on the team:

"It's preseason. We have to take time to get the kinks out, get things going. We have to give these young guys, like myself, some opportunities to go out and show what they can do. I think we accomplished that as a team. Like I said, we have to put it in the Man Above's hands."

WR Reggie Brown:

On whether he is confident going into the regular season:

"Oh yeah, I'm ready to get into the regular season. I'm just going to go in next week and work hard to get ready for Atlanta. And we have to go in and try and pull out a win."

On how long it feels like since he was drafted:

"I don't know because I never think about it. I just go on with my daily routine and practice. I hardly ever think back to the draft or the combine. But now that I think about it, it does seem like a long time ago. We've come a long way." 

Defense and Special Teams

S Jeremy Thornburg, LB Mike Labinjo, DT Keyonta Marshall and CB Robert Redd

S Jeremy Thornburg

On playing a game that could have decided his future with the team:

"Going into a game like this, it is the make it or break it time. My motto this week was ‘do or die.' I knew this was my last chance to show people what I could do. I had a little more pressure and felt a little more nervous than the other three games.

On how tough waiting for the cuts the next couple of days will be:

"I don't know if I am going to get any sleep until Saturday. Every phone call is going nerve-racking and I will probably yell at a few people and tell them not to call. It is going to be a crazy few days. Hopefully I can hit the golf course to relax."

On whether he feels he has done all that he could to make the team:

"Yeah, I have no regrets. I think that I played my hardest and showed what I could do. Overall, I think I did all that I could do to make this team."

On whether he felt that he played well enough to get looks from other teams if he does not make this team:

"That is what I hope. My first goal is to make this squad and if I get cut from here, I hope that another team will see what I did here during the preseason and I will get picked up."

LB Mike Labinjo

On playing the most that he has all preseason tonight:

"I think I had a good opportunity to go out there, run our basic defense, get a few blitz opportunities and have a chance to go against their first offense. Unfortunately, it did not turn out the way that we would have liked, but I think guys got a lot of good experience."

On making plays on the field tonight:

"I felt really good. I was dinged up this whole preseason and I didn't have an opportunity to play in the first few games. I think tonight was really good for me to get an opportunity to play a whole game and get in the flow of things. The last couple of games I got in for about 8 plays and never got into a flow. This game was good.

On whether he feels like he did everything he could to make this team:

"Yeah, I think I laid it all out on the line tonight. I played to the best of my abilities and it's up the to the coaches to see what they want to do."

On what he is going to do the next couple of days before cuts:

"I'm just going to relax. I am still a little banged up and I have a couple little injuries I want to take care of. If I am going to be here this season, I want to be 100%. I want to be able to go out there and give it my all."

DT Keyonta Marshall

On whether he has shown he can play in the NFL:

"Certainly, I think that I have done that within the defensive framework of [defensive coordinator] coach [Jim] Johnson's schemes. I have done my job. Everyone makes mistakes and I am no exception. I came back and was able to correct those mistakes and play well. Of course my stats don't show it, but that is not what we play for in this defense. If everybody does their job, somebody is going to end up with the play. I am not all about that, I just want to make sure I am doing their job."

On whether his mindset was changed when the Eagles parted with DT Corey Simon:

"I was going into it like we were not going to have Corey anyway because he was not here. I am a believer of going with what you have right now, not what you could have. We were not sure if he was going to be in or not, so we carried on day to day wishing that he was going to come back, but prepared that he would not. He is not here and we are going to go on."

On what he is going to do until the cuts on Saturday:

"I am going to go home and get some rest first and foremost. I am going to wakeup in the morning and do a bit of condition so I am not stiff on Monday morning, when I come back to practice."

CB Robert Redd

On whether moving to CB was the right move:

"Yeah, if you look at our receivers, we are pretty solid there and we are solid on defensive back as well. [Secondary] coach Walters saw something in me in DB and wanted to work with me. I thank him for that opportunity. I thank god for that opportunity of going in there and showing I could play both sides of the ball. With some coaching I don't know how good I can be, but I know that I am confident in my athletic abilities and that if I have the coaching that I had the last few weeks, I can be the best corner that I can be. I am learning from [CB] Lito [Sheppard] and [CB] Sheldon [Brown] and those guys. They have already been established around the league as being two of the best corners around, so I feel like having the ability to work with them and coach Walters makes me feel that I can be just as good."

On his punt return tonight:

"It was one punt return. I have been waiting all season for that one. I should have done what I did tonight earlier in the season. You would have seen a little more of #22 out there."

On whether he felt he knew enough of the defense to give a good account of himself:

"It was a little hard and it was a lot of cramming and confusion, but I feel like coach Walters did an excellent job with the small amount of time he had to work with. It was difficult because I was trying to react off athletic ability, but he did everything he could to put me in the right position to make plays and I did the best that I could."

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