Andy Reid Press Conference: 09-5-05

Opening remarks: "We added a couple new members to the team, [WR] Darnerien McCants and [RB] Lamar Gordon. They will work in and are in the process of catching up on the offense. We will see how they do in the next week. We look forward to getting back into the game week routine. We will use the same schedule we did today, tomorrow. The players will be off Wednesday and will be back in here on Thursday, with a normal week, getting ready for the Monday night game."

On what he saw from punter Dirk Johnson that made him feel comfortable enough to go with him:

"We put him through a couple extensive workouts before today. The one on Friday was the primary one and he handled it well. He kicked yesterday and he kicked today, so it was the first time that he has kicked two days in a row. We felt good about him last Friday and we saw within that ten day period he'd be okay for Monday night."

On whether there is a chance that Dexter Wynn will play on Monday night:

"There is a chance, yeah. He is doing fairly well, so we will have to see how he does. He probably will not do much tomorrow, but we will see. We might be able to get him in a little tomorrow. We will see how he does out there today."

On whether he feels comfortable with the inexperienced offensive line backups:

"The thing that I have is flexibility, because both my starting guards can also play tackle. My backup center can play both guard and center, so I have a little flexibility there with some guys that have a little more experience, not that they are the most experienced guys. I am comfortable with that."

On bringing C Jamaal Jackson back to the practice squad:

"He has done a good job. That is one reason that we brought him back. We are testing that tricep out to see how it holds up. He says he feels pretty good and has his strength back. We will see how he does out at practice here."

On teaching Darnerien McCants and Lamar Gordon the offense this late in the game:

"Well, what you initially do is teach them the package that is going in that week, being as basic as you can get with the snap count, audibles, alignments and formations. They have been doing that the last couple of days, at least in McCants spot. He has been here the last couple of days working on that. We will package things up for games."

On teams defending WR Terrell Owens differently later in the season and whether they can expect the same thing this year:

"I think they will be very conscience of him and it's important that we do spread the ball around. He is still going to have his share of big plays, but I think as we went on during the year, people understood that we were going to utilize him a lot and they tried to take measures to stop that. What it did was allow the other guys to catch a lot of balls."

On whether he expects teams to concentrate on Owens this year:

"Yeah, I think so. I would presume that is what they are going to do. For us to try to formation him properly."

On DE Alonzo Jackson and what happened to him at Pittsburgh:

"They moved him to linebacker. We liked him as a DE coming out, so we talked to him and asked if he would be interested in going back and putting his hand on the ground and playing DE. He liked that and wanted to do that, so we brought him on. We thought he was a heck of a player at Florida State."

On what he likes about Lamar Gordon:

"I like his size and the way he runs the football. He had a couple of bonuses in there. I thought he did a nice job of catching the football and I thought he was good in blitz pickup, recognizing people coming. Before he went to Miami, I thought he was a heck of a running back and he was in a numbers situation down there and his number was out. He is a good football player."

On whether he will play the role that Dorsey Levens played last year:

"We will see how it goes here. [RB] Brian [Westbrook] is our primary runner at running back, but we will utilize his talents as we go here."

On how he wants the running back situation to develop:

"Well we have to give Lamar a chance to get acclimated. We will see how he progresses there and then we will get him in and utilize his talents."

On whether he expects Gordon to contribute the first week:

"We will see how he does. He hasn't really had a chance to meet individually with [RB coach] Ted [Williams]. He is going to do that after practice today and spend some time here. We will see what he can pick up and feels comfortable with."

On whether he can sense any backlash from players after releasing popular players:

"I think that is a tough thing on everybody. They [former Eagles Hugh Douglas and Jon Ritchie] were two of my favorite guys on the team. I really think highly of them as people and football players. It came down to a situation where we made a decision not to go with them. I think that is hard on the players; I think it's hard on the coaches. Those are guys that are very well liked here and have done a great job for us."

On whether the young guys stepped up enough to allow them to cut other players:

"Well, [FB] Josh [Parry] did a nice job. I don't want to take anything away from the other guys, it was just a decision that [VP of player personnel] Tom [Heckert] and I thought we had to make. The other guys played well, I don't want to take away from either side there."

On whether TE Stephen Spach will practice some at full back:

"Yeah, he will know that, yes. We utilized him there during training camp. We need to make sure that most of his concentration is on the TE spot. But he is a guy that we could use at fullback.


"[CB] Dexter Wynn was the only one that did not practice today. However, he is going to stay after and do some drills. He is out of the boot and moving around pretty well. We will see how things go with him. Everyone else practiced and will practice tomorrow."

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