Donovan McNabb Press Conference: 9-8-05

On whether he is glad the regular season is here: "I am. We've been anticipating this to come around for the longest time. We've used the preseason as a teaching tool to put something on film to be able to watch it and learn from our mistakes. And hopefully we can go out on Monday Night and just play error-free football."

On whether he was surprised to hear what RB Brian Westbrook said:

"I didn't really hear everything. I've talked to Brian a couple times. My job is to make sure that he's kind of level in the mind and he's just ready to go at all times on the football field. Things will work themselves out. So I didn't really hear how deep he went with the whole conversation."

On whether it's possible to focus on football when someone feels so angry and disrespected:

"It is tough. When you're going through conversations back and forth, and it seems that nothing is moving in the direction that you thought it would go in, it's tough to concentrate. But I think [Westbrook] has handled it well. I think the leaders of this team have definitely made sure that he was in a position where he could just focus in on football. Then anything afterwards, that would be between he and his agent. So that's been my job. My job has been just to make sure that everything has been calm, going out to practice and being out at practice, and for him to understand that we all have his back. We're here for him and when he's on that field, he's one of the best running backs in the game."

On how valuable he thinks Westbrook is:

"I've said since training camp that he's kind of the secret weapon. He's very valuable in this offense, a person that obviously besides [WR Terrell Owens] T.O., they have to gameplan for."

On whether he is excited that T.O. wants to talk to him:

"I've been here. I have no comment on that."

On whether T.O. has shown him the love yet:

"No comment on that either."

On whether he is glad that T.O. went public with the issues he has with him:

"It doesn't make a difference to me. My job is to lead this team to where we want to go. In order for that to happen we all have to be on the same page. With everything that's going on now, there's no difference pretty much with what happened earlier. I'm the quarterback of this team, the leader of this team, and I have to make sure that I am prepared to go out and have a great game."

On whether he would welcome a relationship with T.O.:

"I would welcome a relationship with everybody, even with you guys. I'm just that type of person. I'll sit down and talk to you and have a great time with you. However you define our relationship or friendship, that would be on you. But right now it's all about business and winning. And anything else besides that is something that we need to work on that will be between me and that other person."

On whether he has been approached by T.O.:

"I didn't really even see the interview. I guess it's supposed to come out this weekend. But when we're out on that field we have the best relationship possible, to be the best at what we do."

On whether he wonders why T.O. keeps bringing up his name in interviews:

"(Jokingly) I don't know. Maybe it's a unique name: Donovan. It's pretty sexy if you ask me."

On whether he thinks the wheels will be rolling on Monday Night whether or not some teammates are disgruntled:

"I think one thing that we have to do is we have to kind of just focus in on how we are on that field. That's kind of our domain. That's our place and when we're out on that field, you really can't tell who's disgruntled, who's upset, because everyone is kind of in their realm. And they get an opportunity to take a step forward and have fun. When everyone's off the field I can't really speak on that. I can only just do my job and that's out there on that field, to make sure all the guys are happy, all the guys are enjoying themselves and we're coming out with a win."

On whether he thinks this is the best Eagles team he has been on:

"I do. It seems that every year we continue to improve. If it's just the experience, or if it's the communication, or if it's just going out and being able to execute and having the confidence of what guys are out there. I feel that we have improved and I feel that the sky is the limit for us. We're not at a position right now where we can say we're at our best. We're in a great position where we feel comfortable going out, running plays, being able to execute and put points on the board. We continue to do that and grow each week to be exciting."

On how ready WR Reggie Brown is:

"It's tough to say right now. As a rookie, in your first preseason game, it seems you have butterflies, so you work through that in the preseason. Now that the lights are on and for us to start on Monday Night, I can just imagine what's roaming through his head. But again, it's my job to make sure he stays relaxed and balanced and understand that it's just a normal game. It's just like the preseason. It just so happens that everybody is going to be watching. And they're probably going to call you after the game and tell you how you did and what they liked about it, because no one else is playing at that particular time."

On whether the easiest part of his job is the on-field business:

"For me the easiest part is sleeping. It seems that everything is going at 100 miles an hour. If it's out on the field, if it's in the classroom going over the installation, in the weight room, if it's here talking about the same questions, whatever it may be, but when I get home, get a chance to relax and kick my feet up, that's when everything sort of calms down. I've been able to get adjusted to this whole deal and I'm enjoying it."

On whether there is room to improve on offense:

"There is definitely a lot of room to improve. And we're not taking baby steps, but kind of some big steps, as far as what we plan on doing. This offseason we brought in Reggie. [G] Shawn [Andrews] is back healthy. We have our given guys back there. [WR] Greg [Lewis] has obviously stepped into the position of playing the other side of T.O. When we all are out there, we feel that we can click on all cylinders to make big plays. I think the main thing for us is to just continue to focus in on that aspect of it and to be patient, and when it does happen, just enjoy it."

On whether he has seen anything from the Falcons defense in the preseason:

"It's kind of tough to say. You try not to do much in the preseason. You try to stay vanilla, give the guys the opportunity to play man coverage, to do some different blitzes and get the timing down with the blitzes. So they haven't done much. Just kind of watching a little bit of film on them in the preseason, as well as the last game we played them, they've done some different things. They're trying to apply a little bit more pressure on the quarterback and they feel confident that their front four will be able to do that."

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