Brian Dawkins Press Conference: 9-14-05

On how his ankle feels: "It's good. It's sore. It's a little sore."

On whether there is a chance he won't play on Sunday:

" There's always a chance you won't play for everybody on the field. So how about that as a general answer? I can see myself out there."

On whether he will practice today:

"We'll see. We'll see how we go here."

On Coach Reid saying the same thing:

"Oh, so we're on the same page then (joking), but no seriously we'll see. I mean, just see how it feels and then we'll go."

On whether Monday night game against the Atlanta Falcons was one of his most effective performances:

"Yes, I can say that. But I look at the fact that I gave up a deep ball to give them 14 points, and that was the go ahead touchdown. So that's how I want to choose to remember that. I still have some things to work on."

On suffering cramps before going to the locker room for an I.V.:

"I could feel myself cramping up a little bit. Well not really cramping yet at half time. I could tell I was dehydrated. I've been kind of a cramper throughout my life so I can kind of feel when something is about to come on, so I can feel something coming on."

On whether he got better quickly after the I.V.:

"It's not really like a quick thing. It helps. It gets in your body slow. Your body still has to pump it through so it's not going to be like a magical cure that you get it and then ‘Oh my goodness, I'm feeling energized'. It's just something that tries to help me personally from cramping up and full body lock up."

On whether he felt like he needed to play better with LB Jeremiah Trotter out of the game:

"I think we did that as a unit, that every guy took it upon themselves to say that we're going to play to another level. We were trying to play to another level anyway this year, but then take it a notch higher because of the loss of Trotter. I know myself, I was definitely thinking that I'm going to have to go out and try to make as many plays as possible to give us a chance to win this game. Knowing all the things that were involved, the emotions, the payback, and hearing the whole off-season how we dominated them, there were a lot of things going into this game. So I knew it was going to be a dog fight regardless of what happened at the beginning."

On whether ejecting Trotter from the game was necessary:

"No, but at the same time you understand that that was an emphasis that they were gong to emphasize this year because of the situation in Pittsburg. That's something that they were going to do this year. So we can all sit here, and take a vote and see how many people will raise their hand and say yes or no, but at the end of the day you have to go with the ref's call. When you put yourself in those positions, you put the ball in the ref's hands to see what he'll call. So he rejected both guys, and we have to live with it."

On whether meeting at the 50-yard line on the road before the game will have to change:

"Usually when that happens, for the most part, the other team is going in, and then we go out. That's usually how the timing works out. Not to say that we plan that. We just go and break it down wherever the lead guy, whomever that lead guy is, gets to whatever point. That's definitely something I could see changing. That we'll just break it down, and do our bumping, or whatever our guys want to do, somewhere else."

On whether he felt the Eagles were set up:

" I wonder who you could be talking about there (joking). I can see that. I mean, [LB] Ike's [Reese] been here. He knows what's going on here. He knows how we do things. It was funny that you can see they broke down a long way away from the fifty-yard line, and you see Ike running full speed towards the fifty with the Falcons right behind him. So he knew what was going on, and that's the leader that Ike is. That's the guy that was here. The same leader he was here is that same leader he is there. And he led those guys. And for the most part they followed him."

On whether he thought the hit on QB Donovan McNabb was clean:

" I'm a defensive guy, but I'm a Donovan teammate. That's something they've emphasized for a long time. They being the refs, and protecting the quarterbacks. So, I'm pretty sure that's something that [Coach] Andy [Reid], and those guys will send in and see what comes up. But, it was borderline. It was definitely borderline. You just have to go out and play, and hope that the ref will call the game the same way for everybody."

On whether he thought that Ike did a great job breaking down their defensive schemes:

" He knows the defense, but a lot of that is #7 [QB Michael Vick]. A lot of the things we had to do, a lot of the success they had even running the ball is because of the potential of #7 tucking it at any time, and getting yardage. So, we had to pay attention to him, and that gave [RB] Warrick [Dunn] a lot of room to cut back in. That's why that offense is so tough defend, because of that potential for Vick to, at any moment, keep the ball on a boot and stretch the defense out."

On the transition of the defense made for Atlanta:

"You go back to defending the whole offense. We defend the whole offense anyway against Atlanta, but it's no secret that you definitely have to pay attention to Vick. And, understand what he does as a player, because you're not going to face that talent, I've said this before, you won't face that talent every week. You won't face a guy like that, that can do what he does, and get from point A to point B as quick as he does in this league. But this week, there's another task ahead of us. So we have a young team, an upstart, and a new coach. And, we've been there before. People telling us what we're not going to be this year, you're going to be horrible this year, we can look past this team as far as the media goes, and how many games you're not going to win. And, those are the things you use, and then they go out the first game and beat a pretty good St. Louis Rams team. Whatever you can say it was turnovers, or whatever, but they won the game. So, they're going to come in here jacked up and ready to play this game. So as well as you think you have played in the last game or as bad as you think you played in the last game, you have to let it all go and get ready for that next game. That's what I love about this game. Because you can have your best game or your worst game, the game before, but you always have the chance to either make it up or try to build upon what you've already done."

On whether it helps that they beat the Rams:

"After losing a game, I don't see, even if there is a tendency for someone to take someone lightly, that here on this team, because of who we have as far as leaders. But even if there was a tendency, we lost this game. Had we won this game, we could have this conversation. We lost this game, if, could of, would of, should of, but we lost the game. There's no way you can overlook an opponent first of all, but second of all, we lost the previous games so we definitely have to come out and try to win this one."

On what the defense lost the most with Trotter missing:

"Well we know what Trotter brings to this defense. We know the emotion that he has, brings, and the toughness in the middle. And the thing that people don't understand is that it's hard for one guy to block Trotter. That's why he's so good in the middle. It's hard for that center to get his hands on Trot, because he's head butting, he's getting him off. And so that's why he such a good run defender. He won't stay blocked. You can't cut him. That's one of the reasons why we're as good as we are in the middle when he's in there.

And I know that people have been giving [LB Mike] Labinjo a hard time. I heard some of the things that were said on T.V. Labinjo did a great job for what he was called to do at the last second. To come in and to give what he gave us knowing that the whole week he was just preparing to be special teams. There's a different mind set to play special teams then to start. So now we thrust this guy into a Monday night game, playing Michael Vick, you have to make all of the checks. Don't get any checks wrong because if you do, [Defensive Coordinator] Jim's [Johnson] going to cuss you out when you get to the sideline, everybody is depending on you, and you go out there and play the game he played, my hat goes off to him, because he did an excellent job. And I told him."

On how his ankle injury happened:

"On that deep ball I gave up. That's when I hurt myself. I didn't twist it, [CB] Sheldon [Brown] twisted it trying to catch the receiver that I let get behind. And Sheldon did a good job with making that up, and making the play. That's where I got my ankle twisted up at."

On what he knows about QB Tim Rattay:

"I know that they trust him to start. So that tells me enough. That tells me that they believe he can get the job done. So we're going to believe that he can get the job done, and we're going to prepare as such."

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