Brad Childress press conference: 9-15-05

On whether QB Donovan McNabb will practice today: "We will see. He's feeling a little better. We will see and we will see to what extent he can get out there and move around."

On whether the inability to run was caused by their scheming or something else:

"We had a couple of runs in there. We missed blocks on a couple. Then it got to a point were we started throwing it and obviously there were not going to be a lot of runs. We would like to be able to run it better and more. It just didn't happen for us."

On the challenges playing a 3-4 defense this week presents:

"It's different than we see. Dallas is going to it in our division and I think that every defense has some element of it. Some people have more tied into it as a staple. This would be one team that is tied into it as a staple. But everybody has the ability to kick it so it's not hot all the time and guards are not uncovered all of the time. You have to prepare for both and I think the big thing is big, athletic outside linebackers, which [49ers LB Julian] Peterson is one. Backing him up is [LB Andre] Carter, who usually plays with a hand on the ground. It presents a separate set of problems, in terms of protecting them with running backs, those mismatches and communication with the offensive line and recognizing those different looks."

On what he has to do to keep the 49ers out of the backfield:

"(jokingly) Usually you have to keep them in front of you. If you use those linemen's' asses as cameras, it's usually good to face the quarterback. We just need to do a better job in that area and make sure we are getting the ball out on time, make sure the running backs are in there doing their share and protecting the quarterback. That is the name of the game."

On whether there was one area that caused the offense trouble on Monday night:

"They obviously played with great intensity and they put a great rush on. They have the two guys that rush outside. When you have great speed rushing from the outside and then guys who can push the pocket, there is nowhere to go. Generally, [QB Donovan] McNabb got hit off of people we knew were coming with very few exceptions. We were getting beat inside or we didn't look at someone properly. The last play of the game, they had a free rush, we knew he was going to be a free rusher, just like they had a free rusher on the one down to [RB Brian] Westbrook down the middle. So, it becomes a game of making those plays, receivers getting open, quarterbacks throwing on time and accurately and then, you are not going to block them, all of the them. There are times where we are blocking people that we know we cannot block them and they are going to continue to rush and we have to be able to throw off of those guys. We need to do a better job of that."

On how much he was concerned with the Falcons' strategy to hit Donovan McNabb and whether he agrees with the officials' no-call on the hit that injured him:

"That is a separate thing with the officials and I will just stay away from that. It's already been addressed. Does it concern me that defenses are trying to hit us? That is what you try to do to a quarterback. I know [defensive coordinator] Jim [Johnson] will hit you as many times as he can hit you. Sometimes it's not the sack arriving as the ball departs, guys have the tendency to move around and move their feet. No quarterback wants to get hit and if you are able to hit that guy early and often, then it usually changes how they play the game."

On having problems with alignment on Monday night:

"It happens by not paying attention to detail, not having enough guys on the line of scrimmage. We are going to move people around. We are going to be multiple; we are not going to be like the Indianapolis Colts who just stand there in two formations. We are not going to do that. We are always going to displace people, halfbacks, wide receivers and tight ends. It's just a matter of getting with it and making sure there is a sense of urgency, whether it is a tackle being off the football or a wide receiver being on and another guy being off. It's just paying attention to detail and we need to do a better job of that."

On why RB Ryan Moats did not play and why RB Lamar Gordon did:

"It was just a matter of protection. We thought we could do some different things with Lamar and obviously it didn't work that way. [RB] Brian [Westbrook] took the lion's share of the snaps, but we liked the way Lamar progressed and thought he would give us a little different element at that running back with having [RB] Reno [Mahe] activated as the third guy."

On whether Lamar Gordon became more acclimated to the offense last week:

"I think so. It's become natural to him. He's not having to think, he's able to flow and react and he's showing that each and every day as we go. I was anxious to see how he carried his pads. He had a plus 4 run that was not particularly blocked well. A plus 4 run is not that bad. It will be interesting to see him play with more carries."

On how WR Darnerien McCants has progressed in the offense:

"I think we are looking to intersperse those guys as they can. You cannot include them in every one of your packages because it's too voluminous. They were not here for training camp, so you kind of feed them, see what they know well and then you insert them in things that you feel they have a pretty good grasp of."

On why WR Reggie Brown was not more of a factor:

"He had a catch that was taken back because of an alignment problem. I believe it was 2nd and 13. It would have put us at 3rd and 6. He had a plus 7 yard catch there. Then as opposed to being 3rd and 6, we are 2nd and 18. It is a matter of reads and him getting in. He plays the same position as [WR] Terrell [Owens]. He is in the game when we are in a 3 wide receiver set. It's just Donovan's looks and where he is looking based on coverages."

On how he felt about the play of the tight ends on Monday night:

"I thought that [TE] Stephen Spach did alright. I thought he did a decent job protecting. I think he played decently in the special teams' area. [TE] L.J. [Smith] needs to be more involved as we go."

On whether he does game plan for this week with the assumption Donovan will be completely healthy:

"You know what your other quarterbacks can do, but really as you break down an opponent, you look at what they are doing schematically and which one of your plays has a high probability of success. You would be putting those plays in regardless of who the quarterback is. We really approach it that way. There is a way to attack a scheme and we want to attack it that way and all of our quarterbacks have to be able to do that. There is no specific ‘Donovan play.' Unlike the running backs, where you say that this guy does this good, that guy does that good; those quarterbacks have to be able to do everything, because you cannot be strapped."

On whether he feels Donovan will be able to do everything in his repertoire with the chest bruise:

"I think that remains to be seen as we go through the next few days of practice. He has not really been forced to get on one yet. We will see how it goes."

On how OT Shawn Andrews looked on Monday night:

"He looked alright. He has a decent account of himself and those are two good inside techniques in there. He will get better and better as he goes. Was it perfect? No, but I would not say that anyone of our guys who played on offense would say they were delighted with their performance."

On how the offensive line played after not playing together throughout the preseason:

"I didn't see it to be a factor. I thought there were more individual breakdowns as opposed to a lot of collective ones, where someone is depending on somebody else."

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