Andy Reid Press Conference: 9-19-05

Injuries: "[K] David Akers has a hamstring strain and we did an MRI on it. The MRI was a little better than what we anticipated. We will just see how he does here in the next couple of days. [RG] Shawn Andrews has a shoulder contusion and that is a day to day situation. [WR Terrell Owens] T.O.'s lower abdomen was bothering him again and we are going to see how he does here in the next couple of days and how it reacts to treatment."

Opening remarks:

"Overall our offensive line did a good job. I thought that both the lines did a good job during the game in controlling the line of scrimmage. That is so important with the things we try to do in the secondary and with the passing and run games. Then individually, you can go through and pick out a number of guys that did well on both sides of the ball. The other thing that I thought they did jointly was play aggressive. We came out with a sense of purpose and took care of business. With special teams, I thought our cover teams were good. Then with David's situation we are looking at some other kickers to bring in here, just in case he cannot perform. We will see how we work that roster wise. [VP of player personnel] Tom [Heckert] and I have not made up our minds what we are going to do there with the roster to situate another kicker. Obviously, we would not put David on IR. We'll just see how it works out here in the next couple of days."

On whether he already has a kicker in mind:

"No, we are going to bring in a few of them in and see what they can do."

On whether he will look exclusively at veterans:

"We have gone back through and looked at guys who performed well at training camps and were released, both veterans and younger guys."

On whether Shawn Andrews had an MRI done on his shoulder:

"Yeah, he did. It is a shoulder contusion."

On how he thought G Adrien Clarke played:

"He did okay, respectable."

On when T.O. hurt his abdomen:

"I think it was the stress throughout the game. He was not that bad after the game. This morning he was very tender. That is how this thing works. It flairs up every now and again and we just have to see how he does here."

On RB Lamar Gordon's game:

"He did a nice job for it being his first time getting a number of reps. There are some things he can continue to work on in the run game, getting to know how we do things up front. He ran hard, played hard and did some nice things that you probably wouldn't expect him to do after just playing two weeks here."

On whether he is leaning towards sitting Akers next week:

"I can't say we have not talked about that, but we have to see how he feels and that is what you have to rely on. We have done the medical part of it and we have to still do the treatment on the area and we will see how he feels as we go along here."

On whether he will bring in guys who can also kickoff:


On whether the hamstring injury affected the missed field goal:

"It didn't, not that I know of. He had not complained about it before that."

On whether T.O. appreciated the team's performance against his former team:

"I have not seen the other side of that. He is a pleasure to coach. He enjoys playing the game. No matter what phase we were in during this thing, he enjoys it. He loves it and I appreciate that."

On whether he has changed the way that he has dealt with T.O. since he joined the team:

"Nothing past a normal maturation process that you go through with a player. He knows how I operate and I know how he operates, it's all about business."

On whether there is any more concern with T.O.'s injury than his previous injuries:

"It's that same type of pain that he has had. It's going to flair up. It's done that throughout his career and it is going to continue to do that. We just have to monitor it and see how he does."

On whether he has tried to keep David Akers positive after a shaky first two games:

"He will work through all that. He is the best kicker in the business and we are all human. You are going to miss a few and you have to learn from it and move on. He is hitting the ball well; he's just been off by a hair there."

On whether he expects TE L.J. Smith to get any more single coverage:

"Every team is different. The week before we probably saw a little more man coverage than we did this week, where we saw more cloud coverage. They were trying to bang us around the line of scrimmage a little bit and play zone behind that. Both of those are smart ways to approach us and we were able to work some things out with it."

Whether there were more opportunities to get L.J. the ball in the first game:

"I think I could have called his number more. We are better when we spread the ball around. I think [QB] Donovan [McNabb] hit 11 different guys or somewhere around that number. We are more effective as an offense when we do that and I didn't do a good enough job during that first game mixing it up."

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