QB Donovan McNabb Press Conference: 9-21-05

On how he keeps getting out of Wednesday practices: "(Jokingly) I slipped [Head coach Andy Reid] a little money, got a part in the LA weight loss diet."

On how the injury to his groin occurred:

"It tightened up during the game, towards the end of the game before I went out. I woke up the next morning and there was a little bit of pain there. But we've just been kind of treating it and it seems like it's something new every week. But it's something you've just got to get used to and realize that you can't just go in and out of games pain-free. You just put it all behind you and move on."

On the fact that he helped raise funds for the hurricane relief program on Monday night:

"For me, to be a part of it, first and foremost, was something special. I was asked to come down and to just encourage the fans and everyone to help donate, or just lend a hand. Without second-guessing I said that I would be there. To get down there and answer the phones, I've never seen a phone ring so fast as soon as you put it down. I had a great time talking to some of the people who were donating money and just to be a part of that, and kind of communicate with the rest of the guys that were there, all of the Hall of Famers who were there, some of the Jets that were there, and I just had a great time. To see the amount of money that we raised while we were there just picking up the phone says a lot about the people across the country."

On whether he is rehabbing his chest:

"Yes. I'm dealing with both. The chest isn't fully healed and probably won't be for awhile. I'm just continuing to treat that as well as treat this now."

On whether the pain is new for him:

"You come out of games with little bumps and bruises, minor things. But to come out of a game with something that's nagging you now and starting early, or kind of went away and came back, that's happened throughout my career. I'm sort of used to it. Obviously this is a different type of injury, starting with the chest and now with this, but hey, just treat it like the old injuries and keep moving on."

On whether his groin will impact him playing on Sunday:

"I don't want to say that. I don't think any injury would take me away from playing mentally. Physically, you would have to kind of reevaluate the situation, and kind of understand if it's anything that could possibly worsen from getting out there. Personally, I feel that I will be out on the field no matter what injury it is. If we had to play today, I would be out there. If we had to play tomorrow, I would be out there. It's just an opportunity to take advantage of the time I have to treat and eliminate some of the soreness, and get ready for this weekend."

On whether he thinks it is a serious pull:

"It's not serious to the fact I'd take myself out. It's serious enough that you have to pay attention to it. And that's exactly what we're doing."

On whether there is a tendency to favor an injury:

"I would love to say no, but I don't know personally. Not to say that I was favoring my chest, or favoring one side of my body or whatever, but when you're in the game you pretty much just go all out. You just give all that you have, energy wise, throwing your body around, whatever it may be to help your team win. And it was a game that we definitely needed. I gave all that I had. You come out a little sore, but you rest up and get ready for this game."

On how good it was to see the backup QBs come in and have success:

"I was very excited for [QB] Koy [Detmer], as well as [QB] Mike McMahon, to get out there and showcase what they're capable of doing. You hear so many people talking bad about Koy, or the quarterback situation, whatever it may be. And for Koy to get out there and go 9 for 9, getting into a rhythm, I was one of the cheerleaders on the sideline that was the first to kind of congratulate him with the drive. And McMahon got out there and completed a pass for 22 yards. I was just excited for both of those guys. We all had a great day and this week hopefully we'll just provide confidence for one another."

On whether last week's game provides momentum for the future:

"I think it gives you a little bit more push going into this week, realizing that if we go out and just do our job and do it the way our teammates expect us to do it individually, good things can happen. While we're out to practice, if it's adapting your route, or if it's placement of the ball, if it's blocking the right guy, or getting it to the ball carrier, whatever it may be, that confidence now is with us. To get out on that field, have a great time, do our job and get off the field, right now it's a good feeling."

On what concerns him about the Raiders defense:

"They are fast. They might not do much as far as blitzing is concerned, but they have full confidence in the guys that they have on the line, and the guys that they have getting to the quarterbacks. They play a lot of man coverage sometimes, but with the talent that they have in the backend, they feel confident that they can cover down on receivers as well as tight ends. Just watching the game last week when they had [Raiders CB] Charles Woodson playing against [Chiefs TE] Tony Gonzalez man to man, that goes to show the confidence they have in Woodson, and the confidence they have in their front 7 to apply pressure to [Chiefs QB] Trent Green. They got to him a couple of times, and a couple of times KC was able to capitalize on the man-to-man coverage by running with [Chiefs RB] Priest [Holmes], and running with [Chiefs RB] Larry Johnson. I think when you're playing a defense like that, you have to continue to keep them on their heels. Throw different things at them, running the ball, screens, being able to be effective in the passing game. But they're a team where their record doesn't really tell much about how good they play. I can't speak on the behalf of the offense, but on the defensive side they fly around well."

On whether they will keep an eye out for Raiders DE Derrick Burgess:

"Hopefully I don't have to. Knowing that Derrick was just over here last year, and we had became good friends, all of us know Burgess, it's good to see that he's out there playing well. He's healthy. He's flying around. I think he had maybe 1.5 or 2 sacks last week. We're excited for him. He's coming back here, so we'll get a chance to have some fun with him."

On whether there is any concern with the timing he'll have with WR Terrell Owens because of the nagging injuries they both have:

"I think it's important that we take full advantage of the time we have out there. With missing one day, I feel that it wouldn't take us away from what we want to do out there on Sunday. But it's important that you get your timing, you keep your timing there, and your chemistry flowing. You've got to make sure you're on the same page. But I think with the year that we had last year, and just the different things we were able to do, we have an understanding. He knows where I'll be if things break down. I have confidence. I know where he'll be, and just the different ways he comes out of his routes, knowing where he'll be at different times."

On whether he could have imagined he and T.O. on the cover of Sports Illustrated:

"(Jokingly) Yeah, I think one person that was missing out of that that's a little upset right now is [SS] Michael Lewis [who was airbrushed out of the picture]. He would have loved to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, so it's been an enjoyable couple of months for me. I've been in my first soap opera. Everything else has been going on back and forth, the questions and now, to be back on the cover of Sports Illustrated. I'll tell you, it's been an excellent couple of months."

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