Brian Dawkins Press Conference: 9-21-05

On what he remembers about Raiders WR Randy Moss in the games last year against the Vikings: "I remember that it was cold and we gave a pretty good defensive effort."

On his reaction to hearing that Moss had said that he cannot cover him:

"He's going to always be open. He can have two guys around him and he is still going to feel like he is open. That's the mentality those big time receivers always have. He looks like he's covered, but he's not. From my vantage point, he looked like he was open, but he was not. That is the way you are supposed to be when you are a competitor."

On whether he was offended when he heard that Moss had said that:

"You could. You have to allow yourself to take offense to that. It's nothing that is going to get me out of my game. My game is a certain way all the time. It's not going to make me try to hit you any harder, because I am going to do that anyway. I took it as him being who he is and he feels like he can make a play at any given time. That's how I took it."

On his feelings on being a part of the NFL's Katrina relief telethon on Monday night and helping to raise 5 million dollars:

"First of all it was an absolute honor for me to be able to go in there and do that. You talk about telethons and big-name people. I don't consider myself to be a big-name person. To be amongst the Hall of Famers and other actors and actresses that were there was huge in that respect for me. Also, to know what we were doing for people that are so much in need right now and to be able to raise that much money in a short period of time to send to those people that are still struggling and hurting out there, that was a humbling experience for me. I was almost in tears when I walked in there and saw that I was going to be a part of that, answering the phones and hearing the joy in peoples' hearts as they were giving. It was an experience I will never forget."

On whether people were surprised to talk to NFL players during the telethon:

"Peoples' reactions were great. Some of them would just hang up. They'd be like, ‘is this Brian Dawkins?' I'd say yes and they would hang up. Others would be loud and I would have to take the phone away from my ear and they'd donate. A lot of time they would ask for different people, ‘could you pass the phone to Jon Elway?' It was a fun atmosphere."

On whether he was star struck by anybody:

"I really don't get star struck because I understand they are just like me. They are probably not, but they probably look at themselves as being no different than me. I was surprised to see Tony Danza from Whose the Boss. I came up in the elevator with him and he was a funny dude. I was surprised to see him. I thought it was just going to be athletes."

On how important it is to get a win in this last home game before going on the road for two straight weeks:

"You want to take care of home regardless. If you play five in a row away and then five in a row at home, you want to take care of your home games. You want to make sure that every home game is a victory. I am not saying it's always going to be the case, but home needs to be a place that teams fear coming into. They don't want to come to the Linc. That's what we want; when you come to the Linc you know it's going to be a physical game and you know that we are going to try our best not to allow you to leave with a victory. You certainly want to take care of the house."

On Raiders' WRs Randy Moss and Jerry Porter as a tandem:

"Last year you saw Porter do his thing a little bit. He was the featured guy and he made some big plays for them. I am pretty sure that he was coming into this year thinking that this is going to be another year of him being the guy and then to add thee guy with the guy who considers himself to be the guy, that is a combination for you. Though you have to pay attention to Randy because of all the physical attributes that he brings to the game, you still have to pay attention to Porter because the guy can still go up top on you. He is a big guy that can run. If you lean too much on the pass, they will gut you on the run. They are a balanced attack right now. They made some mistakes in losing these games. There are a couple of touchdowns called back or they beat Kansas City. That 0-2 record is kind of misleading."

On what worries him most about Moss:

"Nothing worries me. Like I say, you respect what he does and his speed and you have to play honest because of his speed, but there is nothing that really worries me."

On whether he thinks the Raiders are desperate for a win coming into the game with a 0-2 record:

"I don't know if you want to say desperate. Do they feel like this could be a must win situation for them? Yeah, but I don't think they would say they were desperate, because they switched defensive guys around a bit again, they have a new receiver and a new running back, so there are some new guys in there. I am pretty sure they wanted to win and expected to win, but there are still guys who are learning what that team is all about. So, I wouldn't say it was a desperate situation for them."

On whether QB Kerry Collins looks different now than he used to look when he played for the Giants:

"He does what he does. If he sits back in the pocket, he's a big strong guy who has a cannon that can put it wherever it needs to be on the field. He throws the deep ball with accuracy and you know where he is going to be. He's not going to move around in the pocket too much, but if you allow him to sit back there, pat the ball and look over his options, he will eat you up."

On whether Moss runs the same routes as he ran last year as a Viking:

"He runs the same routes. It's a go route and he throws his hand up if he feels he has you beat, which most of the time he feels he has you beat. They run a couple of dig routes and curl routes to keep you honest. It's the same thing."

On whether Kerry Collins looks different now that he has Randy Moss to throw the ball to:

"Not really. He's always been a guy who likes to throw the deep ball because he throws it well. I don't see that that has changed. Obviously they are going to throw the ball deep more often because they have Randy, but he has always thrown the deep ball well, so I don't see that being a change. His play action fakes are very good. That has not changed as well."

On how DT Mike Patterson is coming along:

"I said that in the beginning, he is really quick off the ball. He gives us a great tackle rotation in there with those guys and when he comes in you can expect him to make plays. I'm not saying that you don't expect that from every rookie, but we certainly expect him to make tackles for losses in the games, get pressure of the quarterback and get a sack. We expect those things from him now."

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