Jim Johnson press conference: 9-22-05

On what QB Kerry Collins brings to the Raiders: "He has a strong arm. Kerry has always been known as a guy that can throw the ball deep. He's 6'5" and can throw the ball deep. Now he is an experienced quarterback who has been playing for years, so a lot of things you show him, he has seen before. He brings experience and a good arm."

On whether playing the Eagles a bunch previously gives Collins an advantage:

"Well, I think he has an advantage because he is 6'5", has a big arm and the team likes to throw the ball down the field. He kind of knows us too, I'm sure of that. But, so does [Raiders head coach] Norv Turner. We've gone against Norv a lot of times, so he kind of knows us too. We kind of know Norv as well, so hopefully it is even."

On his philosophy on going up against WR Randy Moss:

"We have to make sure we have good cover people out there. There is no secret. It will come down to how we play the ball in the air and whether we are guessing right, are we doubling Randy Moss at the time they are throwing the ball to him or do we have him single covered. It's a bit of a situation where it's a guessing game and it's not easy. Our corners have done a good job. We've challenged him and our safeties are the same way. It will take the same thing, we have to make sure we pay attention to the guy, the routes he likes and also how we play the ball in the air all will be a big key."

On using the pass rush against Kerry Collins:

"It's going to be important, no question about it. One thing that Norv does is he uses a lot of 7 or 8 man protections and keeps a lot of people in. So, it's not always easy. He likes to get people down town with the receivers he has, but also he does a good job of protection, so it's going to be a key and we are going to make sure we get pressure, but a lot of times it's going to be tough with their protection scheme. Of all the coaches, he is like the Redskins a lot. They keep their TEs in and keep their WRs in to block. So, we are aware of that too."

On whether DE Trent Cole will continue to get more time as the season progresses:

"Yeah, he's like a typical rookie that misses minicamps and stuff like that. He's a little bit behind, but we like what we see. Every week he is going to play a bit more. It's hard to say how much he is going to play, but he is going to get into that rotation as he learns more and more of the system. He should play a lot more this week than he played last week; it's as simple as that."

On whether it bothers him that LDE Jevon Kearse has not gotten a sack so far this season:

"No, it doesn't bother me. It may bother him, but he will come around. He was a little bit banged up last Sunday, but he played hard, made some plays in the run game and put pressure on the QB a couple of times. That will come. I don't worry about individual stats. I just want to make sure we get the effort and he is giving us great effort, so that is all I care about."

On whether he thinks Jevon has came close to getting a sack:

"Oh yeah. If you are going against Jevon Kearse, you are going to do some things. You are going to put a TE over there to help out and chip. He is still getting double teamed, but it will come. I know it's a bit frustrating right now and he only played 30 some plays last week. If he plays 50 to 60 plays the sacks will come. He's too good of a pass rusher for it not to come."

On what bothered Jevon last week:

"He was a bit bruised up. I think he had a bit of a bruised knee from practice, but he gutted it up and still went. He's fine now."

On going 7 ½ quarters without giving up a TD and whether they changed anything after the first quarter:

"Nothing changed. Any time you go against good football teams, Atlanta is a good football team and we gave up a big pass play. There was nothing we changed. The only thing we changed in the Atlanta game was put a few things in at halftime to help us in the second half in terms of calls. But other than that, we have stayed with our game plan."

On whether he view this game as a big test for the defense:

"Yeah, I think this is a high powered offense. They are very balanced. They have a good running game with [RB] Lamont Jordan. He can break the long one. They have guys who can get down field and a guy who can throw the ball down field. This is a good offensive team and they have one of the best offensive minds in the NFL in Norv Turner. Yeah, this will be a big test for us. To us, they could have been 2-0 instead of 0-2. A couple of tough penalty calls hurt them and cost them two touchdowns, so they could have been at least a 1-1 team, if not 2-0. Yeah, this is a good offensive team."

On what has surprised him most about FS Brian Dawkins this year:

"Yeah, I am impressed with how young he looks. He is playing like a rookie. He has so much energy and you would not think he has been in the league this long. He is playing faster than I have ever seen him play. That has been the biggest surprise. We know he is a good football player, but he is playing like a youngster."

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