Brad Childress press conference: 9-22-05

On whether QB Donovan McNabb and WR Terrell Owens practiced: "Yeah, it was just a walk-thru this morning. I'm sure that they'll be out there this afternoon."

On whether he is surprised to see McNabb playing so well hurt:

"I think if you go back and see the times that he's been hurt, your different senses kind of pick up. You've got to be a little bit better in different areas. You go back to when he had that broken ankle against Arizona. You have to play the game a little bit differently and he can play it a lot of different ways. He still had some movement skills, but did good things with the football. He can play a lot of different styles. I'm not surprised at all."

On whether it is a skill to be able to play hurt:

"I don't know if it's a skill. I just think you see guys, whether it's a guy that's sick and has the flu, or a guy that's got something physically wrong with him, you see guys elevate all the time. You don't want to play a guy in golf that's got the flu because they've got to focus a little bit harder. You think that they're going to be weak and they're going to be not on, but they focus a little bit harder. They tend to."

On whether McNabb can compensate for injuries because he is such a good athlete:

"I think he certainly can still move away from you, and move out of the pocket and hurt you. He has such a great command of the football. He can still gas it and throw it hard, but he still can take something off of it when he needs to or if he has to."

On whether the Raiders defense is hard to prepare for:

"They switched from last year from a 3-4 to even-spacing this year, although they showed New England some snaps of 3-4. It's tough to prepare for because they're very good in the front. That front line is substantial with [Raiders DT Ted] Washington, [DT Warren] Sapp, and [DE Tommy] Kelly, and some of those guys. So those are big men in there and powerful guys. And then of course they bring [DE Derrick] Burgess in and he's playing like his hair is on fire. He's flying around. He was one of the most active guys we saw in that Kansas City game. So, from a personnel standpoint they're very good, and they've got that backed against the wall mentality. So, you can get about anything from them. You could get a bring the house type of operation, or anything."

On whether they are only using Burgess in passing situations:

"They've been bringing him in nickel, but they quite freely substitute. You'll see wholesale, 6 or 7 guys running out of the game. They've got a big nickel. They don't want to have play nickel and take Ted Washington out of the game and Sapp out of the game. So they'll let those guys play a couple of downs and then they'll put other guys in there. There's a mix. They're getting all their people in the game and they're playing with fresh guys."

On whether T.O. asks for the ball more in big games such as this:

"No. He and [head coach] Andy [Reid] have a dialogue going on there, but it's not a deal where it's he and [Raiders WR] Randy [Moss], and give me the ball more. The couple of times we played them last year, he wasn't there for one of them, but in the first one I didn't sense that. There are a lot of plays with his name on it already and we're just kind of doing our thing to attack the defense."

On how he compares Moss to T.O:

"One's taller. They just play differently. One's kind of a long, loping strider in Randy. And I think T.O. has the ability to beat you deep, stop and start, make you miss, be able to shrug off a tackle and be physical. So, he's got a lot of tools in his toolbox."

On why TE L.J. Smith was the primary option in the 49ers game:

"We always have him as a primary. Him, [RB] Brian [Westbrook], Terrell, [WR] Greg Lewis, all those guys, they all have it. I would say to you at some times he was the first look, and at other times he was the second look. It's just kind of the way it fell, and then he's got to do his part in terms of shaking free and getting open. He's got pretty good make-you-miss ability out there as well."

On the difference in the running game last week versus Week 1:

"It was alright. There are always things that we can do better. Believe it or not, you can do things better in the pass game. And we did a lot of things better from the first game, but we need to continue to improve in the run, in the pass, the whole deal."

On whether he made a point to run more last week:

"I don't think it was a conscious point to run more. We thought that we could take advantage of the way they were deploying their front. So, we did kind of all formation groupings, 3-wides, out of the regular, out of the 4-wides. So we just thought that we had some advantages there."

On whether they tried to spread the ball around last week:

"Anytime you've got those man-to-man opportunities, you have an idea who can do what against whom. T.O. is still going to get plenty of looks versus man-to-man, but a guy like Greg Lewis has got a chance to have a match, and L.J. I don't know if it's conscious as much as that's what happened in the first game, and so you learn from the first game and go to the second game."

On whether he expects to have McNabb and T.O. on the field:


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