Andy Reid Press Conference: 9-23-05

Injuries: "Everybody practiced today and did well except [RB] Brian Westbrook. Brian was hit above the knee in the game and worked the last two days. I gave him a day off to let that thing rest up and have him ready for Sunday."

Opening remarks:

"We look forward to playing the Raiders. We understand they are a tremendous football team. We respect them for that and it should be a heck of a game."

On the Raider's defense giving up a lot of yards in their first two games and whether the Eagles can exploit that:

"I'm sure they will have a package for us. They changed it up a bit against the two teams they played and had some different looks for each group. I'm sure they will have something new for us. We expect that."

On whether Westbrook will be listed as probable:

"We have him as probable, yes."

On Raiders QB Kerry Collins having the tendency to hold the ball for too long:

"He is pretty good at throwing the ball down the field and the trick is to get to him. They do a pretty good job of protecting him, so that will the challenge for our defensive line, to see if they can get to Kerry."

On Collins previously throwing a lot of interceptions compared to this year where he has not thrown one:

"He is playing well and obviously has some good players around him to get the ball to. They are also a good running team. They have explosive players on that side of the ball. They get one of their receivers back who played for them and they have some talent there."

On Raiders WR Jerry Porter:

"I think Porter is a good football player. I believe that [WR Doug] Gabriel is the one coming back and he's a heck of a player too."

On Raiders RB Lamont Jordan:

"I have a lot of respect for Lamont. He's a local kid from Maryland and I liked him since he came out of college. He's playing well right now and you better wrap him up because he his very strong."

On whether he expects the Raiders to come into the game desperate because of their 0-2 start:

"I think they are going to come out and try to play their best football. I'd be surprised if they didn't feel that way the last two games. It's important that we don't worry about them and worry about getting ourselves right. We need to come out mentally prepared for a heck of a battle."

On the advantage of playing Raiders head coach Norv Turner plenty of times in the past:

"I think Norv knows our defense and has had to game plan against our defense several times. Our defense has had to game plan against Norv several times. He's a very creative mind offensively and they always present you a nice challenge. I think it will be a good match up there."

On averaging a lot of yards passing on third down:

"I start with the offensive line and them doing a great job of protecting [QB] Donovan [McNabb]. It won't change this week. They have a big challenge ahead of them. When the backs have opportunities to protect, I think that's important. Also, the receivers are doing a nice job getting open. It's been against man coverage for the majority of it and that's tough to do. They have worked very hard to get good at that."

On whether he sends more receivers downfield on third downs:

"No, not necessarily. We did enough 3 wides on first and second down where I feel comfortable saying that."

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