Andy Reid Press Conference: 9-30-05

Injuries: "[K] David Akers will not play and [DT] Darwin Walker will not play. They are doing better and making progress."

Opening remarks:

"We look forward to playing the Kansas City Chiefs. It's a great atmosphere for a football game and we know about the fans there. They will be loud. It's a great atmosphere to play in and we look forward to it."

On whether there was a roster move to get kicker Todd France into the active lineup:

"I have not done that. We will get that to you when it happens."

On how QB Donovan McNabb looked at practice this week:

"Donovan has done a nice job. It looks like he is a bit better each day. He had a good day yesterday and he moved around pretty good today."

On Donovan's play:

"We have checked and have tried to keep a close eye on him. Obviously, he still has the symptoms, but it has gotten a bit better than it was before."

On monitoring Donovan on game day:

"Basically, I will take it off a visual of what I see out there. I'm sure somewhere I will check on him. I do that all the time. So, I'm sure sometime during the game I will check on him."

On Chiefs TE Jason Dunn:

"It didn't work out here for whatever reason. He's a very talented guy and he has made a great living with this thing. He plays very physical football. I'm proud of him for what he has done. He was down and out for a little while, in terms of football and he found himself a place to go and made the best of it."

On whether there is anything that can be done to warm Donovan up better before the game:

"I know he talked to you about bending a bit more at the knees and I think it's just a matter of him getting used to how this thing feels and working through it."

On getting information from Donovan about his health:

"He's pretty strong that way. Players like to play and that is how he is. You see that a lot with offensive and defensive linemen. They are banged up, don't say much and just move on. The other positions you usually have a better feel for and he conducts himself like an offensive or defensive lineman."

On whether it is easier to deal with Donovan now that his health issues are pinpointed:

"Yeah, I think that helps. [head trainer] Rick [Burkholder] has a great program for it that Donovan is working at. He is doing a good job with it."

On whether the chest is still bothering him and if so, will he wear extra protection:

"Yeah, he has a thing that he wears. That is getting better. It was bothering him after the game. It is still there and not gone yet."

On whether his shin is still bothering him:

"The shin is fine now. The swelling is gone and it feels good."

On whether Donovan will have extra protection from the offensive line on Sunday:

"We try to do those types of things. We understand they have a great blitz package. We have worked hard on that. We have a couple of different things we will use."

On whether the Chiefs' blitzing and the noise of Arrowhead Stadium compound to make a dangerous situation:

"I think they play to that and try to use to their advantage. It's important to have a veteran offensive line who has seen a lot of things. That will be their challenge to pick up all that stuff. I know [defensive coordinator] Gunther [Cunningham] will have a couple of new wrinkles and our guys will work to have them picked up."

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