Andy Reid Press Conference: 10-3-05

Injuries: "[DE] Trent Cole has a hamstring strain and is day-to-day. [FS] Brian Dawkins has an ankle sprain. He's in the middle of an MRI as we talk here. [DT] Paul Grasmanis had an Achilles tear and will be done for the year.

[QB] Donovan [McNabb] has pain in the lower ab area. I will probably be saying that every week from here on out. [WR Terrell Owens] T.O., likewise has pain in the lower ab area and has a slight contusion on his shoulder. [LB] Jeremiah Trotter has a quad contusion and is day-to-day. [K] David Akers is getting another opinion done today on his hamstring. We will find out later what this doctor says. [DT] Darwin Walker's thigh contusion is getting better."

Opening remarks:

"It was a pretty good football game to coach in and to play in. I think both sides competed very hard against one another and it was two good football teams playing each other. Kansas City played a very emotional game and that crowd there was loud and presented us with some adverse conditions, but I was proud of our guys for working through what happened in the first half. I mentioned yesterday, I had a hard time picking up too many good things that happened in that first half, in any phase of the game. I will tell you the same thing after looking at the film. I was proud of the coaches and the adjustments they made. I was proud of the character the players showed. They could have easily gone in the tank and they didn't do that. It was hot and they could have easily cashed it in till next week, but they didn't take that approach. They battled through and were tired. They pushed each other and trusted the adjustments the coaches made. I mentioned our fans yesterday. I thought they were tremendous. It's always good to see a little green in the stands. I thought the offensive and defensive lines upped their games in the second half. They were more physical than they were in the first half. I thought they did some good things. Defensively, [CB] Sheldon Brown and [DE] Jevon Kearse had big plays that made a difference out there and changed the game around. Offensively, Donovan put together a good football game. [TE] L.J. [Smith] continues to improve and play at a high level. He is doing some good things out there. T.O., likewise is playing some good football. [RB] Brian Westbrook – they came out and had a plan for Brian and were going to double him as much as they could – he got himself free and made some big plays. [WR] Greg Lewis came up with some big catches as well. I thought we did a good job on the four takeaways we had and converting them into points. That helps you out. I want to say we ended up with 23 points off turnovers and that is big. We have to eliminate ours. They were able to get some points off one turnover there and we have to do a better job of securing the football. We did a good job, when we had opportunities, after our takeaways."

On whether he was surprised the Chiefs kept TE Tony Gonzalez in to block as much as they did:

"They do that, especially if they play a team they think is going to blitz a bit. At the same time he was out in routes and he had opportunities out there."

On whether he anticipates having Darwin Walker on Sunday and whether they have options at DT with Paul Grasmanis being out:

"We will see. [VP of player personnel] Tom [Heckert] and I are looking at that right now. We will see how that goes. As far as Darwin coming back, I think it's a coin flip right now. We will see how he does this week, but he is improving and he is doing everything possible to get himself back. It's really a day-to-day thing."

On whether signing DT Keyonta Marshall from the practice squad is an option:

"Yeah, he'd be someone that we will look at."

On the health of OG Artis Hicks

"Artis had an ankle strain. He feels a bit better today than he did yesterday. He was struggling with that yesterday."

On whether he was reluctant to bring K Todd France in for his third attempt:

"I wasn't. He is a young guy and he needs to work through those things. He had a good look in his eye. [TE] Mike Bartrum doesn't have too many bad snaps and one happened yesterday. For whatever reason, it did happen. Mike felt terrible about it and it didn't happen again. I thought his first kick was a little low. After that, I thought he did a pretty good job. I really was not worried about it. I figured you do it enough times; you can do what you did in practice. He was pretty good in practice."

On not having an automatic kicking game with Akers out:

"I figured there would be a little adjustment there. David has been here for a lot of years and those guys are like clockwork. You put a new piece into the clock and sometimes it doesn't work as smooth. They worked it out and I was confident he would be fine."

On RB Reno Mahe fielding punts at the end of the game:

"That is one thing we feel comfortable doing. We determined before that game that if we were in that situation we could utilize him. He is a very secure catcher back there."

On whether going for a second opinion means that Akers' injury could be more serious:

"We will see. We have done second opinions with quite a few of our guys. We are sending him to a guy who is a specialist and one of the best guys in the country at this. I think that it is important to keep an open mind and do those things."

On whether he saw Donovan limited in his ability at all yesterday:

"I didn't. I didn't feel that way."

On whether this game was the best comeback he's seen since he's been here:

"Well, somebody threw a stat at me after the game, so I guess statistically, yes. I thought it was a great accomplishment by our team against good football team. [Head] coach [Dick] Vermeil does a great job with that group and to be able to come back against a team of that caliber was something special. We had a pretty good one a few years ago against Pittsburgh."

On what he thought the reason was that the team came out slow yesterday:

"I think Kansas City did a great job offensively with their initial first 15 plays there of scheming that thing up. They caught us in the right defense with the right play called. They got after us and it wasn't for a lack of effort as it was that guys were a bit out of position and maybe even trying too hard. [Defensive coordinator] Jim [Johnson] made some adjustments and settled down and we were able to pull it back together."

On whether the team can learn more from the first half when things were not going well than they can from the second half where everything seemed to click:

"We have seen the second half before, this year. We have not seen the first half and the offense was not as smooth as they needed to be. We need to do a better job offensively and defensively and we need to do a better job on special teams. We were not as sharp as we need to be with the special teams part of it. Those are all things you can learn from and make yourself a better team."

On whether Sheldon Brown's interceptions came from adjustments made or his aggressiveness:

"He was in the right place at the right time, plus he anticipated it. It was a route that they had run before; Sheldon anticipated it and did a great job with it."

On whether he ever thought about taking Donovan out of the game in the 4th quarter:

"No, you saw what it came down to there. It came down to an onside kick. If we were up by a little more, I'd put that in my mind, but with that offense you have to understand and respect that they can score at any time."

On both Artis' and OG Adrien Clarke's performance:

"Artis is doing fine, but I do have a lot of trust in Adrien as well. You need that 6th and 7th offensive lineman."

On whether Artis had an MRI today:

"[Hicks did undergo an MRI this morning]"

On whether Dawkins' MRI was a precautionary measure:

"(jokingly) I will tell you after the MRI. Right now it's precautionary, but we will see."

On what only missing one play after hurting his ankle says about Brian Dawkins' toughness:

"It was a bit like the Atlanta game. He tweaked the other ankle there and was able to come back in. It was going to take a bit to hold him out. He went over and put some tape on it and wanted to get back in there."

On being successful throwing against the Chiefs' offense, when everyone said you have to run to be successful against them:

"Yeah, we try to do what the team is going to give us. We saw some things that made us believe we could throw, but we were hoping to run a bit better than we did as well. It just didn't work out that way. They gave us some things that we felt comfortable throwing against."

On whether the main priority this week is filling the hole at DT with Grasmanis being out:

"Right now it is. You get back late and take next two days and see how things work out. Right now, I would say, without knowing about Brian, you worry about the tackle spot first."

On the veterans on the team taking control of the game:

"I think that is big. It's the character part of it that I talked about and we have good character guys here. The two that you mentioned [Dawkins and McNabb] are the leaders of their groups. And Trotter is in the mix in there as well. I think it's important that those guys, as our senior leadership, steps up, do their jobs and let their personality show. I think they did that."

On whether the offense can sustain the lack of balance and still be successful:

"I think the important thing is finding a way to win the football game. I really think, when it is all said and done, that people really don't care whether you ran or threw the ball. They care about winning and losing. We are going to try to do what is working for us and do the best we can."

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