Brad Childress Press Conference : 10-20-05

On having problems scoring in the first quarter this year: "I'd have to give each one of those individual things. I can't right off the top of my head think about what exactly those things entailed. Obviously you're scripting plays to get the thing rolling. And I think we probably had some opportunities, but you've got to cash in on those opportunities."

On whether there is one thing he could point out that is part of the reason why they are having trouble scoring early:

"Generally, it's not any one thing. It may be one person on offense that generally, is that way. Whether it's a protection issue, or a running issue, or a route issue, usually it's one person. And one person out of whack can screw you up on offense."

On whether it's because QB Donovan McNabb can't get warmed up:

"That's what you come out and warm up for. I don't think so, but you'd probably have to ask him that."

On whether RB Brian Westbrook has come to him to ask for the ball more:

"He generally doesn't. We obviously know who our playmakers are and attempt to incorporate them into what's going on. And at times they're covering those options and you have to go elsewhere, and at times they're open. So, with his successes in the first couple of games, I think probably people were saying that we need to take that piece of the puzzle out of there. It'll kind of go back and forth. It's just like a lot of situations in football, 3rd downs, 1st downs."

On why the 3-4 defense presents problems for them:

"Probably what you mentioned. You're not working it day in and day out, day in and day out. And it's a little different personnel base, different kind of defensive linemen, and different ways the linebackers can deploy themselves. Everybody has a little different way they play the 3-4. I'd like to kind of put that to rest here and play good against a 3-4 team so it's not quite the novelty."

On tackle Jon Runyan's consecutive game started streak:

"The consecutive games streak, those guys are like big bruisers when they get done every week. I just think to be able to answer the bell week in and week out, there's been some weeks where he hasn't practiced as much, but I'll tell you what, I can't think of many where he hasn't been right out there practicing on a Wednesday and a Thursday and putting it right back in there. It probably doesn't feel right until about Saturday and then you're right back in there on Sunday. So, there's a level of physical toughness, and maybe more than that, mental toughness, that goes into being able to say, ‘Hey, you know what? I've got to take a week off here and nobody will mind.' That's something."

On whether he is concerned about the lack of success they've had running the ball:

"I just think it's something that you have to continue to work at. And I think really, you end up kind of getting judged on the whole body of work, not just the 5 games. You go through and you really attack people where you think they can be attacked, and we've obviously had some successes throwing the football. It doesn't mean you just completely forget about the run. You have to continue to look at that and we have. We spent some time with the bye week looking at that. But again, you don't want to stand there and try to think you're going to power the ball against 8 or 9 man fronts. So, you have to be creative in the ways you run it."

On the way they have ran the ball when they were down:

"You're using it as a change-up if you're running it 10 times a game, whether it's a draw or trap or something of that nature as opposed to just continuously logging it in there. I don't think it's any difficult. It's not like we don't spend time practicing. It's just emphasis on how you think you want to attack that defense."

On whether he feels Donovan is limited in anything:

"I can't say that he is. I can't say that. Again, you're attacking a defense. I can't ever think of one time where we've said, ‘Boy, they have a chance to be taken advantage of this way. We better not do that because he can't do that.' We've never had one of those conversations."

On whether it seems like there are more difficulties running the ball:

"It doesn't feel like it to me. I'll let you be the judge of what it looks like. You can usually point to something that may have broken down, just like those pass plays that don't work. Something obviously breaks down if you're not able to get a positive gain. So, no I don't feel that way. I don't feel that we're struggling to run the football. I think we've been in some games with some different dynamics where you weren't comfortable standing there thinking, ‘I'm going to run it between the tackles,' which probably wouldn't be a good thing to do if you're down 17 points or 20 points."

On whether they can run as well without a fullback:

"I just think you do so much formationing, whether it's with two tight ends, whether it's spreading people out with 4 wides. There are different ways to be able to power the football, if that's what you're referring to, running behind a lead back. I just think there are other ways to be running it as well. Nothing says you have to be standing there in an I-tailback formation, or an offset-I, or a weak-I. We do that some, but not whole-heartedly."

On whether WR Reggie Brown is struggling to master the offensive scheme:

"No, I don't feel like he's struggling to master it. I feel like he's got a decent feel for it. Is it completely wrote? Does he have to think? I'm sure he does. I don't think that he's probably ever running to the line and not having to think about what's going on, but he's doing a good job. And by and large, he's going to come up with a throw every now and then, sometimes as a 1 look, a lot of times as a backside look, or a second look. Are you creating plays for him? Some we are, but you have other playmakers that you're trying to create for as well."

On whether RB Ryan Moats will have a role in the offense:

"We're certainly getting the reel ready for him, and giving him a menu that he's comfortable with in the run game and the pass game. He needs to be able to do the things that we're doing gameplan wise. He is taking a couple reps out there and getting up to speed."

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