Jim Johnson press conference: 10-20-05

On what makes RB LaDanian Tomlinson so good: "First of all, he has great vision. He sees the hole and knows when to cut back or take the ball to the outside and is dangerous out there. He has excellent quickness and is one of those natural running backs like [ex Cowboys RB] Emmit Smith or [ex Lions RB] Barry Sanders. He's one of the best you will ever see."

On how much it will help to have DT Darwin Walker back:

"I think he's going to be healthy. I think it will be great for our rotation and he will play quite a bit. He's still one of our physical tackles, so that will help no question about it."

On whether he will start:

"Yeah, he'll start."

On why teams are scoring touchdowns against the defense this year:

"When we are in the offseason, we try to break it down one game at a time. I always look back at the Atlanta game and they got a couple of plays. You look back at San Francisco and Oakland and we did a great job, especially the field position. We had a dropped interception. It's the same way during Kansas City. We got off to a slow start, but it was one quarter and the guys came back and played hard. The last game we were just bad. We coached badly and played badly. I said that after the game. We did not cover well and we went up against a good receiver. They were up and played well. We didn't cover [Cowboys WR Terry] Glenn for the first 3 passes. We gave up an easy touchdown pass. The biggest thing that is out of whack right now is our points allowed and sacks. Everything else is about the same as it was last year at this time. The thing that is a bit out of whack is that we gave up too many points and we are going to correct that."

On being down in the sack total:

"We are down in sacks. We didn't pressure well the last game. That is partly me too, so we have to pressure the QB and we will get that."

On why there has been a lack of pressure on the QB:

"If you analyze what Dallas did, they did a lot of max protection. They kept the tight ends and wide receivers in and ran two receiver routes. Even though we hurried some throws, we were decent in third and longs, we weren't good on 4th and 1, but we were good on third and long. We still made him throw the ball faster than he wanted to. They are not dummies. They know that we are going to blitz and they are going to keep people in. That is part of the thing too. When you do that, you have to make sure you cover well. It's a bit of a combination there, but it will come."

On whether the team is blitzing as much as they have in previous years:

"I think against two teams, we have probably blitzed a bit less, because of the max protection. We still blitz, just like the 4th and 1 against Dallas, it was a run, but we still blitzed. You have to pick your spots, but it will come."

On whether he expects to see more max protection from other teams:

"We expect it. Oakland did it too and Dallas probably tried to do some of the stuff that they did. But, you have to play coverage if they are going to do that. You only have to cover two receivers. That's all you have to do. It's kind of that happy combination. Just to be dumb and blitz every time, knowing you are not going to get there, you can't do that. We will still mix it up and see what happens."

On whether playing against max protect is a good match up for the defense:

"Yeah, it doesn't bother me. But, we know we might not get pressure right away. As long as you hurry the throw and as long as you cover, I don't care. If we are good on third down that's fine. I might try to get more pressure situations on 1st and 2nd down, but we will see. On 3rd down, that is going to happen sometimes."

On how much of a role the opponents' starting field position has played so far this season:

"Yeah, but it has happened. In the Raiders game, when we lost our [David Akers] Pro Bowl kicker and we had bad field position and that is going to happen. But our job is still to get them off the field. I don't want to make any excuses, but we still have to stop them. If we hold them to a field goal, then I am happy. But, you can't give up three touchdown passes against Dallas. We just don't do that. I don't want to make too much of it. It's only one game, but Dallas played well. Give Terry Glenn credit and give [Cowboys QB Drew] Bledsoe credit, he was hot. They played well, but we gave up three touchdown passes."

On the challenges the Chargers present running no huddle:

"Well, we have to make sure we have the right substitutions on the field and you have to worry we don't have too many men on the field. That will be a big thing, but other than that, I'm not worried about it."

On whether they will play Chargers TE Antonio Gates the same way they played Chiefs TE Tony Gonzalez:

"He's in that category. You have to pay attention to him and do some things to match up. But, he's a very unique receiver. He's a WR playing TE and that is what he is. The match up is going to be important, no question about it."

On allowing 1st half points this year:

"You would like to say why that happened. You just go to the two games and at Kansas City it was my fault. We got off to a bad start in the first quarter. It was not the first half; it really was just the first quarter. We adjusted and played well. Against Dallas, we normally don't give up touchdown passes and we did. We didn't cover well against a good receiver. It was uncharacteristic of the Eagles defense."

On the play of Chargers QB Drew Brees:

"He's a real savvy guy. He's very active and very intelligent. He does a nice job and you have to admire the way he handles that team. They lead the NFL in points scored and a lot of that is because of L.T. and him too. He's moving the chains. If they have 3rd and 8, he's going to get 8.5. That is the type of guy he is. They are one of the best teams in the NFL on third down. That is because of him. He knows what he has to get and he gets it. So, you can't say enough good things about him. He's just very accurate and very intelligent."

On what Drew Brees improved on most this year:

"We didn't play them last year but I think he had a great year last year for his first year playing a lot. You see the same quarterback this year. He's accurate and he's improved. I don't see a falloff from last year."

On whether anybody has gotten good pressure on Brees so far this year:

"Teams have not blitzed them as much. [Raiders DE Derrick] Burgess had two sacks last week. They have given up 9 sacks this year, so it's an individual thing."

On former Eagles LB Mike Labinjo getting picked up by the Colts:

"They saw him on the film and they needed an extra linebacker. It didn't surprise me."

On whether LB Zeke Moreno will fit into the linebacker rotation:

"We are going to find out. I can't say right now how much he will play, unless it's an emergency."

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