Andy Reid Press Conference: 10-24-05

Injuries:"[RB] Ryan Moats has a concussion and seems to be doing okay today. [WR Terrell Owens] T.O. had an AC contusion and that was a reoccurrence. He had one of those a couple of weeks ago and it acted up on him during the game there. [TE] Stephen Spach has a lower leg contusion and should be fine. [K] David Akers is making progress with the hamstring.

[LB] Jason Short has a high ankle sprain and he will continue to work through that. He is probably doubtful for this weekend, but he is working through it."

Opening remarks:

"It was an interesting game. I think our defense came out and played a heck of a football game. The special teams did a nice job. Offensively, I have to do a better job on my side of getting this thing a bit more balanced up with the run/pass ratio and get that thing going. I will go back to the drawing board and work on that and see if we can't do a better job."

On whether it's a matter of forgetting to call running plays or whether he just sees more potential in the passing plays:

"I don't forget about them. I know they are there. I normally go with what is working and go from there."

On having early success in the running game and whether there was a point in the game that he decided to throw more and run less:

"That's a good question and I don't have an answer on that. I just go on the feel of what we have going. We have done a pretty nice job of running the football in the past; we just have to get the guys a little more opportunity to do it."

On whether he thinks the running game will get better when given more opportunity:

"I probably need to give them more chances."

Whether he is confident that the personnel in place can run the ball:

"Yeah, it will work out."

Whether he sees that QB Donovan McNabb is limited on the field:

"No, I have not seen that."

On whether or not Donovan's injury is affecting his decision to run the ball:

"I don't think it is. I don't necessarily see that."

On whether the offensive line is having trouble run blocking because the majority of time they are in pass protection:

"You need to balance it up a little more. We are a little to heavy with the passing."

On whether he thought the offensive line did a good job in pass protection:

"I think our offensive line did a good job with pass protection in the game. I don't want to take anything away from them. Again, it comes down to me getting the right calls against the right coverages and I could have done a better job in that second half with that."

On the Broncos defense being in the top five against the run and being in the bottom six against the pass:

"That helps you forget about the run a little bit."

On how Donovan feels today:

"He feels pretty good today; better than he has [after] other games."

On not throwing down the field in the last two games and whether defenses are doing anything to prevent the offense from doing that:

"Really, we are pretty good on the +20 yard plays. You look at your +20 plays as being your bigger hits and we are doing pretty good with that, as compared to other years. Against this particular team, they backed things off a bit. They know their weakness and they softened up the coverage and gave us the underneath throws. We tried to take advantage of that."

On how the team can improve in kickoff returns:

"We need to do a better job of blocking. That is what we need to do and then with the returners, we need to hit it up in there a little more aggressively."

On when Akers might come back:

"If he's not back this week, he'll be back the next week. Within the next few weeks, he will be able to work it out."

On when he will be back at practice:

"We will see how he does by Wednesday."

On whether P Dirk Johnson was in pain on Sunday:

"He wasn't. He did a nice job in the first half. We had great field position because of him in the first half. The last punt was a good one. There were a couple of punts in between there that he would like to have back."

On how cautious he will be with Akers when he returns, so he won't re-aggravate the hamstring injury:

"You bank on what the doctors say. We are in touch with what is supposed to be the best guy in the country. We are going to listen to him and see how David feels and go from there."

On whether he is pleased with K Todd France:

"Todd's done a nice job. He really has. He had good hang time on his kicks yesterday and gave our guys an opportunity to get downfield and cover them."

On whether he talked to Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren after the Seahawks last second victory:

"I have not talked to him, no."

On whether he was surprised to see the offense had 54 passing plays to 10 running plays:

"I really wasn't, no."

On the play of CB Sheldon Brown so far this year:

"Sheldon is coming off a heck of a football game. I mentioned yesterday, I thought [defensive coordinator] Jim Johnson did a heck of a job with the game plan and the players went out and executed it. Sheldon made plays all over the place and I am very pleased with the way he played."

On whether he worries that the offense believes he doesn't have the confidence in them to be able to run the ball:

"I don't think that worries our guys, no."

On whether Donovan's health was a factor in the decision not to run any quarterback sneeks:

"No, I called what I wanted."

On whether Donovan is healthy enough to run a quarterback sneek:


On how the defenses had defended the offense this year and whether that explains the run/pass ratio:

"They probably defended us for the pass."

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