The Buzz: Donald Strickland's Release

ColtPower talked to a source close to Donald Strickland about his release on Tuesday and has the details on why he was suddenly released.

ColtPower spoke to Donald Strickland's agent, Peter Schaffer on Wednesday to learn more about why the Colts released the third-year player after placing him on injured reserve. We wanted to determine what benefit it was to the Colts to release him at this point in the season.

It appears that Strickland had a specific situation in regards to his injury status that triggered the event. Schaffer stated that the Colts didn't choose to release Strickland, they were required to do so under league rules.

He explained that if a player is on injured reserve and his injury is determined to be minor in nature -- or if he's healthy enough to play -- the team is obligated to release him from injured reserve. This obviously allows the player to seek employment elsewhere if he chooses and if he is capable of playing. When asked if Strickland is healthy enough to sign with another team immediately, Schaffer said he preferred not to comment on that issue at this time.

While one might assume that this move may have been triggered by a player's request, this is very unlikely. ColtPower earlier this year talked to Rocky Calmus' agent who explained that if a player asks to be released from injured reserve, and the team complies, he forfeits his compensation from the team.

Schaffer told ColtPower that Strickland is " a great player" and "he's looking forward to continuing his career" in the NFL.

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