Andy Reid Press Conference: 10-28-05

Injuries:"[K] David Akers is out. [CB] Lito Sheppard did not practice today. He is making progress. He has a knee contusion and is listed as questionable right now. [LB] Jason Short has practiced this week and we will see how he does by game time."

Opening remarks:

"We look forward to the challenge of playing Denver. It's a great atmosphere to play football against a great football team. Our guys prepared very hard this week for playing and again they look forward to this opportunity."

On how Lito got hurt at practice:

"He got hurt during the two minute drill at practice. He fell on the ground [after colliding with WR Greg Lewis] and banged his knee on the turf."

On whether he will be ready to play on Sunday:

"We will see. He made a lot of progress from yesterday and we will see how he feels tomorrow."

On the Broncos linebacking crew:

"That is a great group, all three of them. They are very strong players and they deserve all the credit they get. They just make plays all over the place, in the run game and the pass game. They bring a lot of energy to that football team."

On the overall demeanor of the offense this week at practice and whether they had a sense of urgency this week:

"I wouldn't say they I didn't feel that before. There is always urgency. They come out very matter-of-fact this week. They are a confident bunch and they know we will get this thing straight. We will just keep working til it happens."

On who will be used as the kickoff returner this week:

"We will see how it goes, but [CB] Rod Hood has been working at it."

On whether Hood would start if Lito could not play:

"Yeah, he would start if Lito could not go."

On WR Terrell Owens saying that he and RB Brian Westbrook are not getting the ball the ball enough in an ESPN interview earlier this week:

"I want all the guys to want that football. I have said that before. That is important and when they stop wanting the football, then we have issues."

On whether there is any truth to that statement:

"I think they have gotten [the ball] a couple of times. They will get it a couple of more times. We will keep running the offense and they will keep making plays and they do a great job and will continue to do that."

On whether he discusses Owens' comments to the media with Owens and whether he has a problem with the way he handles the media:

"He's a high profile athlete and I understand the demands on him to speak. He's going to put himself in a position where he does what he wants to do with that and talk where he wants to talk. He has a few demands on him from that standpoint and he chooses it and works through us and so on."

On whether defenses are taking away the big plays from the offense to make QB Donovan McNabb to throw the ball underneath more or whether is injury:

"I think initially, they take away the big plays so we don't get big plays and score. That is where it is important that special teams get good field position, help the offense out and stay consistent. I have mentioned balance before and I have to do a better job there. That will also help that situation."

On being a road underdog this week and whether it bothers the team:

"I am not sure we get into that too much. I didn't know we were underdogs and I really don't care if we are. That is somebody else's business and that is something I cannot control. I can control getting this team ready to play and the players can control getting themselves ready to play. I don't think they waste a whole lot of time worrying about all the other stuff."

On whether there is a difference with the team's play on the road this year:

"I will have to let you know at the end of the year, after we get a few more under out belt here."

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