Andy Reid Press Conference: 11-2-05

Injuries: "We have put [P] Dirk Johnson on IR and we brought in Reggie Hodges, the 6th round draft pick of the Rams from Ball State. He punted for them for the first 4 games. So, he will join us today. [DE] Jevon Kearse will not practice today, he has a shoulder sprain and is day-to-day. [QB] Donovan [McNabb] has a rib contusion and he will not practice today. That is day-to-day.

[WR Terrell Owens] has an ankle sprain and is making a little progress. It is the same ankle that he had the surgery on and that is also day-to-day. [DT] Sam Rayburn has a stinger and will not practice today. That is day-to-day. [MLB] Jeremiah Trotter had some knee inflammation yesterday and we are checking that out now. We will see how things go with practice. There is a chance he does not practice."

Opening remarks:

"We look forward to playing in the NFC East again against the Washington Redskins. They are a good football team and it's always a big rivalry. Both teams will be ready to go. The team I am most concerned about, obviously is our team being ready to go. The guys came in today very focused with a lot of energy. I think they look forward to getting back to practice and getting back to business."

On whether Owens is going to practice today:

"T.O. is not practicing today."

On who would start if Owens can not go in the game:

"[WR] Reggie [Brown] would start."

On whether there is a connection to Owens ankle injury last year and this injury:

"No, not as far as a break or where the break was."

On whether Trotter's knee is connected to previous knee injuries:

"Well, he's had it with both knees, but it's a different feel than he's had. It's sore and a bit swollen."

On whether Dirk's health after having the hernia surgery affected the decision whether Donovan should have the surgery:

"No, it was two different things. The thing that Dirk had was a partial tear in the groin and normally when they go in there and do the surgery they release that. They decided not to do that at that time, to see if he could make it through the season. They didn't feel they needed to repair it at that time and there was that risk that he might tear that. With the rest that he had, they felt like it had scarred pretty well and he would be able to go, but it didn't work out."

On whether Dirk will need more surgery:

"They are going to see. Normally they go in and clean up some things, but it has not been finalized."

On a report that said he was surprised to hear T.O. was injured:

"I hadn't heard that, so I don't worry about that. The injury is a day-to-day thing and that is the way he is approaching it. We will see how it goes. As far as I know, from T.O. and from the trainers that this what it is. We will see. He is hurting and he's sore and it is going to be a fight to get him there for Sunday, but we are taking it day by day and he is making progress in the last couple of days."

On what T.O. is listed as:

"He's listed as doubtful."

On when T.O. got hurt:

"He got hurt on the long play on their sideline."

On whether he is worried about anyone else not being able to play this week:

"Again, there are day-to-day situations. So, we are just got to see how it goes, how the rehab part goes and whether they continue to make progress."

On whether it has been difficult keeping T.O. healthy:

"I don't make it that drastic of a thing. He gets banged up like other guys get banged up. It happens and I don't worry that much about it. We will see how he does with it. He's played through most of it and has been very effective. So, we will see how he does with this one."

On how many punters were auditioned today:


On whether they brought P Sean Landeta in:

"No, we didn't bring him in."

On whether the offense will try to run the ball more against the Redskins:

"We are going to concentrate on running our offense. That is what we are going to do and that's whether it is throwing the ball or running the ball. We will see how it works out this week. I don't get too much into that other stuff."

On whether the injury to Donovan's ribs is serious:

"It's sore. We did an MRI and CT scans and it's not fractured. It's bruised and we will see how he does here. He is a little stiff today. We will see how he does in the next couple of days."

On when the rib injury happened:

"He got hit and then he fell on [G] Shawn Andrew's foot. That's really what happened."

On which quarter the injury occurred:

"I want to say in the beginning of the fourth quarter without being exact. It really stiffened up afterward is what happened. It was pretty good during the game. It's not as bad as it is right now."

On whether the injury is in the same area as his rib injury in the NFC Championship game against the Panthers:

"I can't tell you that accurately."

On whether QB Koy Detmer will take first string snaps at practice today:

"Koy took snaps out here and we will get [QB] Mike [McMahon] ready as well. Koy will take the snaps."

On what McNabb and Kearse are listed as:

"Kearse is questionable and McNabb is probable."

On how McMahon is doing after having his knee surgery:

"He has done well. He feels pretty good. He can play and do all that, functioning very well."

On where these injuries leave the offense:

"I'm optimistic about those guys playing. If things don't work out and they can't play, we have always moved on and the next guy comes in and does his job. That is not taking anything away from [McNabb and Owens] because both are great players. We have done that with this football team in the past. The next guy steps up and is responsible for doing his job to the best of his ability and keeps it rolling."

On what he thinks about T.O. saying on his radio show that if he had to do it all over again, he would not have rehabbed so hard to play in the Super Bowl and whether he worries that this might be the case now:

"I never question that about him. He loves to play the game and wants to be out there."

On K David Akers' status:

"David is going to practice today. Most likely, he will just do field goals and [K] Jose [Cortez] will do kickoffs."

On whether Akers has a chance to play this week:

"Yeah, there is a chance."

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