Donovan McNabb Press Conference: 11-2-05

On how the rib feels: "Sore, a little tight, but just something that we'll have to continue to treat, and look forward to it getting better and better each day, and getting back out on that field." On where it is: "On my left side."

On whether he is thinking about what else could go wrong with his body:

"I try not to think that way. Obviously it's tough when you get one injury, but when it's multiple injuries and added with what's going on, it's tough. But I think the best way of handling it is just continuing to take care of your body, and in doing that, being prepared to get out on that field and make a change. We look forward as a team to changing this thing around into a positive direction and just eliminating everything else."

On whether this is the most banged up he's been in a season:

"Yes, but things happen. I said it in the beginning of this season that everyone talked about teams coming from the Super Bowl and what happened to them, and I've always said that injuries have played a major part. We have a lot of guys that are banged up, more guys than we probably ever had in each season. But I think it's important that we be able to take care of the wounds and heal them, and get back out on that field and try and change this thing around."

On whether the rib injury affected him when it happened:

"It happened in the 4th quarter. I was hit, went down on [G/T] Shawn Andrews' cleat or heel. I kind of got driven into it. I stayed down for a little bit and then kind of just wanted to fight through it. It tightened up on me after the game. I came in on Monday. We tried to loosen things up, got some tests done to it, found out there were no breaks, no fractures. But it just kind of tightened up last night as well."

On why the team hasn't been able to turn it around:

"It's kind of hard to pinpoint it, but as the quarterback of the team and the leader of the team, I think it's important that I be able to come out and get into a rhythm early. If it's making the right check, getting the ball out and letting the guys work, get something to kind of give us a push. I think in the last three weeks the stuff that kind of sticks in everyone's minds, it's kind of just been pretty much inconsistent. I think the way of changing it, with the ball in my hands be able to establish a tempo early, if it's in the run game or the pass game."

On how much more difficult it will be to get things going with WR Terrell Owens possibly out this week:

"With all of us kind of banged up it's tough, but I think I'm definitely going to work myself back to a way of getting back out there and I'm sure he's doing the same. So, if neither of us are out there, or if one of us is out there, I think it's important for all of us as a team to just understand the situation, and just get this thing going. And for myself, if I'm out there, just make sure all of the guys are involved and try to spread it around and do whatever it takes in order for us to come out with a win."

On whether he is getting close to changing his philosophy of always playing:

"No. I love this game too much. As hard as it is with what we're going through right now, it would be even harder sitting on that sideline and feeling like you're not a part. When you do that it seems that you're just throwing in the towel, and my towel is still folded up sitting on the chair. I never throw the towel in and always feel confident that we can make things happen, and we did do it through the course of the game in Denver when were down 28-0. To put 21 points on the board like that, if we were able to do that early it would have been a much different ball game. And I look forward to us making that change and being able to do that."

On whether he feels he is getting enough time to get to the line, make his reads, and adjust if necessary:

"We're hurried a little bit, but it's just communication from me and the rest of the guys on the sideline to the guys that are in the huddle, and getting to the line, so if we have to make a check, we're doing it in a reasonable enough time. But the ball is in my hands. I'm the leader out there on that football field. I'm the coach out on the field, the captain, whatever you may want to call it. I have to be the one to get it going and that is something I will do."

On whether the crowd noise has been an issue on the road:

"There are a lot of variables. And if it's getting up to the line and making a check, I have to go down the line and make sure every offensive lineman knows what's going on, spread it to the receivers, turn around, talk to the backs, and in due time look at the play clock and see exactly how much time we have left. It has got to happen fast and it's something that I have to do."

On whether he feels he is getting the play with enough time to adjust if necessary:

"The majority of time, yes."

On whether getting to the line late makes it a bit easier on the opposing defense:

"Of course at times it does. I think it's important that we be able to get up and be able to snap it somewhere in the 5-10 second range, where they just can't jump off because they know it's going down. But teams have been taking full advantage of it and that is the case."

On what he pinpoints the slow starts to:

"I think it's not being able to establish the tempo of getting into a rhythm. I think from when we have been in a rhythm starting the games out, we've been able to do a lot of different things, pass, playaction, run the ball well, which will lead us to getting points. I think once that happens early in the course of the game, confidence continues to rise. Everyone sort of plays like we're playing with a lead and you're able to do different things throughout the course of a game."

On what goes into creating a script each week:

"I have the opportunity to take plays out if I don't like it, or have us run the play pretty much a lot of the time through the game if I see that we're getting the coverage or the defense that it would able to work against. What happens during the course of the week is a lot of film work, preparation, understanding what you're going to see out there on that field, the blitzes you're going to see and the answers to those blitzes."

On about how many plays he can take out:

"It varies every week. (Jokingly) We're only running the ball twice this week."

On whether he goes along with the gameplan and around how many plays he takes out:

"It could be a few. It could be five or six. It all varies. Everyone has their input in it. All the coaches are brainstorming up there. When we're out at practice, if you don't feel comfortable with running it that week, you put it on the shelf for awhile. I think the best way [to get things going], especially for the offense that we have, we have to have our timing and chemistry there. If we're all confident in that play, then we'll be able to execute."

On whether he trusts WR Reggie Brown enough with the progression he has made in this offense:

"I do. I think he's preparing himself real well. Obviously it's tough being the 3rd wide receiver, but he's done a great job with that. We've definitely worked on timing in practice and we've been able to run different routes and have good placement on balls. And he's been doing a great job of catching the ball and getting upfield for it. It would be a good thing for him in the situation where T.O. doesn't play to get out there and be able to make some plays for us."

On Washington's defense:

"The Redskins are a very good team. They had a tough one against the Giants just like we had one against Denver. But they are going to be a team that is going to be very fired up coming into this game. They're back home Sunday night against an NFC East opponent. Defensively, I think they play with a lot of emotion. They play to get to the quarterback. Their defensive coordinator [Gregg Williams] does an excellent job of trying to get their guys in great position. I think now, kind of rotating [LB] Lavar [Arrington] back into the mix, it does a lot for them. You put him at defensive end, put him in at linebacker, drop him in coverage, whatever it may be, where he can get back to Pro Bowl form."

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