Brad Childress press conference: 11-3-05

On why the offense has been so streaky this year: "You wish you could bottle it when you are rolling, but I think it's a matter of everyone making the routine plays routinely. That routine play can be a block, catch, throw, route conversion, just the things that you are supposed to do all the time.

 You can't really pinpoint one area that gets you off-kilter, but on offense all 11 guys need to do the right thing. On defense, every now and then, somebody can do something. Someone is hustling and makes a play from the backside. You miss something on the backside, it could be irreverent."

On whether QB Donovan McNabb is healthy enough to get the job done:

"I think it remains to be seen this week. We would not have put him in there if we didn't think he could get the job done last week. We just have to see how it all plays out this week."

On whether Donovan will practice today:

"[He did not practice today]."

On C Hank Fraley's play last week and his comments about his play after the game:

"You like guys to be critical of themselves. You are your own worst critic. Everybody can play better. I will not single out Hank Fraley as a guy that is the only guy that has to play better. Everybody needs to play better and everybody has their hand in it, but I don't see that he was awful or anything like that."

On whether he agrees with Fraley that if he plays bad, the offense cannot be good:

"That is probably why I don't categorize games right afterwards, because you are full of emotion fresh off that loss. I prefer to go back through and evaluate it and make sure I see what I thought I saw."

Whether he thinks WR Reggie Brown has progressed enough to be a legitimate starter:

"Reggie continues to make plays when he gets balls his way. That is obviously why we drafted him and he's going to have to pick up a little bit more as we go."

On whether WR Terrell Owens is going to play:

"I would not say definitely not. He was just out at practice this morning."

On how Owens looked at practice:

"He looked fine, but we were only going about half speed. I think the fact that he was out there speaks volumes."

On whether he expects to be using max protection much against a Redskins defense that likes to get after the quarterback:

"I think you probably move in and out of those protections. You don't stand there and do one thing. You have to scat people and let everybody release at the line of scrimmage. Because you can attack protections, which is what [defensive coordinator] Jim [Johnson] does a great job of. You can attack protections as much as anything. It's just as important that you show them a number of protections. You slide sometimes, scat people and let everybody go, you hold a tight end once, you hold a back once and hold both backs. It's really a variety of protections. You don't want let them zero in on exactly how you are protecting because they can then break that protection down."

On whether McNabb's injury is affecting his mechanics:

"When I look at that, I don't see that. Did he miss some throws that he should have made? Sure and I'm sure he will tell you that as well. I don't see where that injury is doing something specifically to his throwing mechanic. I wish I could tell you I saw that."

On whether he knows what the problem is if it is not the injury:

"We all have to do better. In the beginning of this thing, I said that all 11 guys needed to do better with protection and make plays routinely. You make that throw if it is standing in front of you. You make that catch if it's coming in your direction. Everybody has a piece of that action there."

On how TE Stephen Spach is playing this year:

"He is playing okay. He's not a guy we feature a whole lot, but he's been physical in there when he's played. We have played a good bit of two tight end groupings. He's doing okay from that standpoint."

On whether the offense has used two tight ends more recently this year:

"I would not say more than any other time during the year. When we played San Diego, we liked two tight end packages, because their outside linebackers covered those guys up."

On whether McNabb is more streaky than other quarterbacks:

"We talk about scripting plays and we are struggling along that way, but you always put throws on there to get a guy started. You are not starting with the most difficult throws in the beginning of the game. You want to get a guy started that way. Then there are different reasons we have gone three and out. We have gone three and out quite a bit. You have to find a way to make plus plays on each of those downs so you can get a manageable third down to work with."

On why he thinks the offense has struggled early in games:

"Like I said, it's different things on every play. You can isolate every play and pick something out different each time."

On whether he alters the script because the team is getting behind early:

"There are a lot of things that end up altering that script. Number one, I have done scripts before where after one play you are standing down inside the five yard line and you have to get off the script or you're inside the 20 and you have to get off the script. Somebody might be giving you a look that you might not have anticipated. You have to get off the script and do some other things. I think you have to adjust as you go and that is why they are coaching on that side of the ball too, to make you uncomfortable and show you things that you have not seen before. We are seeing a lot of things we have not seen before. You have to be able to answer those blitz questions or you will continue to get them."

On whether he has been forced to alter he script more this season than in the past because teams are blitzing:

"It could be, but it's not entirely the reason."

On whether he is seeing blitzing early in the game more this season:

"Yeah, usually right at the start of the game. Usually somebody is going to present you with something that they want you to think about. I just think they are not going to let that quarterback sit back there and be comfortable."

On the process of creating a script and the role that McNabb plays in it:

"Well it's not like he is putting them on a sheet of paper. They are presented to him in different areas, whether you are in the red area or short yardages, goal lines or base plays with motions. It's kind of like how he feels about that one. He's been around long enough where you can feel, sometimes he will step right out and say, ‘I don't like it.' It goes by the wayside. Sometimes he will say, ‘yeah, it's alright,' and you know he does not like it. There is some back and forth and if you like it more, why you like it more, but you go with that. You still have to attack a defense, you can't just do everything that one guy wants to do all the time. You know which ones he likes better than others, let's put it that way."

Whether he feels confident that this offense can get back to where it has been:

"Yeah, I do, because we have been there before. This thing has not been without crisises probably 6 out of the 7 years I have been here. Then, I think you have to look back and see how we played in November and December and that has not been without issues. There are a lot of years we have been 4-3 sitting in this spot."

On trying to do better on 1st down:

"You want to be better on all your downs, but I will say this, a lot of times people will point at 3rd down and your 1st down has so much to do with it. That should be a down that the advantage is you run or pass and I think the 1st downs contribute a lot to where you are playing the rest of the game. You are seeing blitzes pick up if you are in 2nd and long. People are coming after you because they know it's an obvious down that you have to pass on. It has a trickle down effect to 3rd down. 1st down is an important down."

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