Brad Childress Press Conference : 11-11-05

Whether he has to readjust the offense with WR Terrell Owens not being here: "I don't think you really need to readjust it. I would say that you are attacking the defense that you see with the plays that attack that defense. There is going to be another guy in there, I think [WR] Reggie [Brown] will do a great job of attacking those defenses. Really you are calling it scheme wise, he may be the first look or the last look, but you are attacking a scheme."

On how nerve racking it is having a new center in Jamaal Jackson who has never played an NFL game before:

"It can't be nerve racking, the fundamental center-quarterback exchange always rings home to you the first practice of the year and there is a ball on the ground from that exchange. You are thinking about scheme, the play, who is supposed to be doing what and sometimes you forget about how the play starts. That is as big of a concern as anything. He is going to play against a very good nose guard and he needs to make sure he takes care of that basic fundamental first, before he does one other thing."

Whether he thinks Jackson will be comfortable out there:

"He does a good job with the shotgun snap and he's a natural center, so he's blocked with the ball between his legs. It's hard enough to block those guys with two hands, let alone one hand on the ground."

Whether the biggest challenge for Jackson is making the right calls at the line:

"That's a challenge, because he's the quarterback in there of those front five. He's getting them going in one direction or the other, so that is something that [offensive line coach] Juan [Castillo] pays great attention to and those guys have to be the masters in there."

On whether they can simplify the line calls for Jackson:

"No, he has to have the same responsibility and that is what we ask our center to do. He's communicating and it has to go all the way from the left tackle to the right tackle and the QB has to know as well."

On how big of an opportunity this is for Jackson:

"I would assume he thinks so. It's a great opportunity. When the opportunity knocks – and I'm sure that was the last thing on his mind one week ago, but now he has to step up to the plate. He has a great challenge and he's a competitor. Unfortunately, he's been nicked up a bit, but he will do a good job there for us."

On how much WR Reggie Brown has had to step up his game in such a short period of time:

"I think the urgency level picks up a little bit. It's kind of like the pilot and the co-pilot. I know the co-pilot is in the action, but now you are sitting in that seat and you are doing it all. So, he's playing a lot more snaps, he's going to feel differently when he gets up on Monday morning, he has to make plays when they count and come to him, there are going to be plenty of opportunities, he's not the third WR and he's in there all the time. He has to be able to play at a high level for a long time."

On how TE Chad Lewis looks at practice:

"He looks good. He got in there, we were on astroturf yesterday and you worry about that foot, but he didn't show any ill affects at all. I thought he was moving very seamlessly."

On whether he expects to use Chad Lewis on Monday night:

"It depends on what happens today and tomorrow. We will see how [TE] Stephen [Spach] is doing and [TE] L.J. [Smith]. But he didn't struggle at all from a system standpoint. There are a couple of things that are different, but he moved right back in with the motions and where he was supposed to be."

On whether Spach was out at practice:

"Spach was out there this morning, yes."

On whether Smith was out at practice:

"He was out there as well."

On whether he thought Chad Lewis would eventually come back to the Eagles:

"I just think when you have two tight ends get dinged up in that game, Spach with the foot and L.J. leaving the game, you need to cover your bases with this offense. Not that [TE] Mike Bartrum is not an able bodied guy, but he is our snapper. He can do it all as well and he was in the game at that point, but you need to make sure that position is taken care of."

On whether he thought the running game took a step in the right direction last Sunday night:

"I think it's a matter of getting in a rhythm in the run game. Whether it is the backs or the offensive line grabbing a feel for that thing, forcing blocks in the edges by the WRs. That is a different dynamic and if you are not used to that, it's something you have to get used. Yeah, there are correctable errors in there and it's a matter of getting into a rhythm of what you are doing."

Whether there are redzone packages to get Westbrook in more as a receiver on passing plays:

"Well there are and all you have to do is look at the playoffs last year and the different spots he was in. He has the unique ability to leave the backfield and play like a WR. So, you are always identifying your playmakers and making sure you have enough plays in the game plan for them."

Whether he sees any difference in QB Donovan McNabb this week:

"I probably have not spent enough time with him since all this has transpired. But I see him in the coaches meeting every morning and I can't tell the difference."

On whether it is easier for him to focus now:

"We have to end up focusing regardless. You don't allow yourself to not focus because something might be a distraction. You don't go there, so it's the same grind regardless. We are half way through and we are doing the same things. You go back in the end and you gauge or measure that."

On whether the team will run smoothly now that everyone is on the same page:

"I think all the coaches have always been on the same page. We are still doing all the same thing regardless of what is going on outside of this building or in this auditorium. We are still doing the same things here. It's not like we are being called upon to do something different. But, I think the same level of focus is there and will continue to be there."

On how relieved he is to have the whole Owens situation be over:

"No, I don't feel any relief. He is a good football player and good football players are hard to come by, but I think the team supersedes any of those good football players, because the team will continue to go on. I look at it from that standpoint."

On whether he is gaining more confidence in WR Billy McMullen:

"Billy has gotten incrementally better. He has done a good job in practice. Those guys continue to play on the scout team and get their reps. He's been catching the ball well there and he's gotten a couple of good opportunities around the ball. He was in the right place and the QB decided to get it to him. So, when you produce for your QB, a lot of times, you get that extra look to see what you are doing. You just have to make sure you are doing it right and make the play as the ball approaches."

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