Andy Reid Press Conference: 11-21-05

Injuries: "[OG] Shawn Andrews has an AC sprain in the shoulder; we will take that day-by-day and see how he does here this week. [OG] Artis Hicks has a MCL sprain in his knee. It's tender and stiff today and we will see how he works out here the next week. Again, he is day-to-day.

[WR] Greg Lewis has an elbow sprain. That's a day-to-day situation. [LT] Tra Thomas has a sore lower back and that will be a day-to-day situation. [CB] Lito Sheppard has a severe high ankle sprain that will require surgery. He had an MRI today and most likely will be out for the remainder of the season. [QB] Donovan [McNabb] will have surgery on the sports hernia in a week or so and most likely will be out for the season."

Opening remarks:

"I thought our guys played hard and aggressive football. At times we were a little too aggressive at spots and we were hurt by that. I would rather have them on the aggressive side than not playing aggressive. Key mistakes were on both sides of the football and special teams were a problem. We will take it one game at a time and we understand the season is not over. There is a lot of season to play and we will attack that aggressively. One question I was asked yesterday was about [QB Mike] McMahon being the starter and he will be the starter this week."

On what Sheppard's MRI showed and what the surgery will try to fix:

"Well, without getting into detail about it, I'm not a doctor; there was quite a separation between the ligaments, almost to the point where there was a dislocation of the ankle. That is the area they will focus in."

On why McNabb will have the surgery now:

"He has had two opinions and both said that he needed the surgery. We are just going to wait here until till after we get done with the Thanksgiving holiday and the doctor's schedule open up a bit to have the thing done."

On why McNabb didn't have the surgery after week 2:

"He had the part in the abdominal area, but then you also have the groin being affected. They told us back then, once the groin becomes an issue, then the recovery is not going to take place and rest is not going to help it. It is just too much discomfort to where Donovan can't run and function. We are at that point and he can take care of that with the surgery."

On whether he is holding out hope that McNabb can return this season:

"I haven't done anything in terms of putting him on IR."

On how long the rehab will be for McNabb after the surgery:

"Normally it is 8-10 weeks or around that area."

On how confident the doctors are that McNabb will be completely healed after the surgery and how P Dirk Johnson's surgery compared to this one:

"With Dirk, they did the partial on it. They will go back in – actually Dirk is going to have surgery done here. It's a little clean up and they will finish the thing."

Whether they think McNabb will be 100% by the summer:

"They don't think it will linger, I'm sure there is a chance, but they think this will take care of it and he will be fine."

On whether he thinks McNabb should have had the surgery after week 2:

"No, there was a chance this happened, there was a chance it didn't. We went this direction."

On whether Dr. Meyers will do the surgery:

"There is a good chance, yeah."

On how McNabb was emotionally after making this decision:

"He's disappointed he cannot finish the rest of the season. He understands that it needs to be done, so he's matter of fact about it right now."

On whether they will look to bring in other QBs:

"We are looking. We have not done anything, but we are keeping our eyes open."

On whether QB Kordell Stewart is one that he's looked at:

"We have looked at him. We will keep our eyes open; we are looking at all of them, so."

On whether he can ever remember a season as a coach where he had to deal with this many injuries to key position players:

"It's been unique that way; however, we are fortunate we have some good players that can step in and play. That is the important thing. That is how to compete in these games and we take care of a couple of things here and we win these games, so it's not an excuse by any means. We are still able to function and do it very well."

On whether OG Adrien Clarke is close to earning playing time, regardless of whether OG Artis Hicks is healthy or not because the offense seems to click when he is in there:

"We feel very comfortable with him working in there. I don't think that is the primary reason the offense kicks over and plays. I can't give you stats on that, to be honest with you. He is able to go in and we can still function at a high level."

On how QB Mike McMahon looked after watching film from yesterday:

"He did some pretty good things in the second half. He made some plays, both with his arm and feet. He was able to settle down and was efficient."

On whether he believes that this season has taken a mental toll on McNabb and he needs mental repair:

"This has nothing to do with mental repair. He is okay there. He needs to have the sports hernia taken care of."

On how much he thinks the sports hernia has affected McNabb's play this year:

"I'm sure it hurt him there a bit. He was battling through it. It was not an easy thing for him."

On whether they will play younger players and focus in on the future if it becomes clear the team is not going to the playoffs:

"No, right now we have not gone that direction. I have not even thought about that. WE have six games left and we will take them one game at a time, the first against Green Bay. That is about as far as I have gone."

On whether they are going to stick with P Reggie Hodges:

"We will see how things go in the next couple of days."

On whether they are going to bring in other punters to look at:

"We will see."

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