Q & A with Jeremiah Trotter

Q: What can you accomplish these last four games and does it kill you that your postseason chances seem certainly limited, given the success of the team the last four years? We just have to continue to work hard and get better, man. Obviously, we've had a lot of problems this year, not only just injuries, but on the field. We just have to continue to get better, work hard, and just build for next year.

Q: Can you describe the mood and atmosphere of the team right now?

After the game, everybody was hurt. It was so quiet in the locker room you could hear a pin drop. But, in this game you have to be able to forget the game before and move on. So, today everybody's ready to play. We're looking forward to New York coming in and coming out and playing hard.

Q: Getting back to Monday night's game, what does it do to a defense when you see three interceptions vs. the offense returned for touchdowns taking into consideration that you guys only let up 194 yards?

It's tough. It's definitely tough to win when you give up that many points. Down here man, we win as a team and we lose a team. We never look at what the offense could have done from a defensive standpoint. We look at what we could have done better. If those guys can score, we believe that we can score also or put our offense into position to score. So, we're supportive of the offense and they're supportive of us and we're going into this weekend as a team mad and just looking to work hard and hopefully get a victory.

Q: Do you feel that your teammates quit on Monday night against the Seahawks?

I wouldn't say quit. I would just say that I didn't see that fire in some of the guys' eyes that I would like to see. In this game, no matter what the score is – you're going to have some bad games – you have to continue to fight to the end. You still have to have that drive, passion, and determination the same way you came out in the beginning. You have to have that for four quarters.

Q: Talk a little more on what it's like to deal with a season like this one, filled with so many injuries and, of course, some of the off-field trouble that's happened?

It's been tough. It's definitely – especially with the high expectations we had coming in with coming off a Super Bowl and we felt like we made the team better in the offseason for the most part in some areas. We were very optimistic going into the season, but things just haven't gone our way. You have to understand in this game that's the way the ball bounces some times. All you can do is just continue to work hard, try to make yourself better every week, and just keep moving, man. because you can't give up. You can't quit, so you have to keep fighting.

Q: Getting back to this game with the Giants, what are your impressions of their offense and how have they progressed since the first meeting against you guys, in particular Eli Manning?

I think he's having a solid year. He's definitely a much better quarterback than he was last year and he's going to continue to get better. Even against us, I didn't think he had the greatest game, but he still played well enough to beat us. We definitely have to be on our number one game, man, if we want to be successful this weekend.

Q: Is there extra motivation to play spoiler, especially against a rival like the Giants? They haven't won there since 2000.

Well, we don't look at it as playing spoiler, man. We just look at it as going out and playing our game and trying to win, just trying to play hard and get a win.

Q: Have you talked to T.O. at all and what has he said to you?

Yeah, I talked to him. We haven't talked about anything related to football, just how he's doing and hope all is well. That's basically it.

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