Strickland: "I can play this game."

Hod things gone the way Donald Strickland figured that they would, he'd be a pretty big part of a 13-1 team. Instead, he's on a 6-8 team and hoping to get a start. His wish may be granted this weekend against Arizona thanks to an injury to Sheldon Brown.

Cornerback Sheldon Brown and running back Lamar Gordon were spectators at Eagles practice on Tuesday. Gordon is likely out for Saturday's game against Arizona, but Brown is more of a question mark and believes that he may be able to play.

While Brown may be on the field in Arizona, the fact that he wasn't there on Thursday provided an opportunity for Donald Strickland. It's an opportunity that Strickland looks to make the most of. "This is my chance to prove to them (the Eagles) that I'm a worthy pickup," said Strickland, whose season has sort of mirrored that of the Eagles. Strickland suffered a hamstring injury in the Colts' first game this season and found himself on IR. Soon after that, he was released and found himself unemployed.

Few could have imagined that Strickland would be in the position that he's in now, after he started 12 games for the Colts last season and was in the lineup for their season opener this year. "Things happen fast and I wasn't sure how it would all play out, but I know I can play this game," emphasized Strickland. "I've picked up things pretty quick here and I'm ready." Strickland insists that he's completely healed and ready to step in for Brown.

While the Eagles would like to have Brown in the defensive backfield, it wouldn't hurt to get a look at Strickland. The coaching staff has been impressed with what the third year player out of Colorado has shown on the practice field and wonder just how well it will translate to regular game situations. Coach Andy Reid echoed the fact that Strickland has fit in well and has taken notice to his steady improvement in his time with the club. Any time that Strickland sees in the last two games is that much more of an audition for him. "I've enjoyed it here in Philadelphia, but I want to play. I want to show the Eagles that I can stick with them, but if not, then there's an entire league full of teams that may be interested," said Strickland.

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