Celebrate Our Gift To You

Enjoy your holiday weekend with the revival of WarNest and a gift from us. Through Sunday, readers can have free access to all of our premium content, both past and present. Take the opportunity to see what you've been missing and get a sneak peek at what's ahead.

Folks, don't miss out. Throughout the Christmas weekend, WarNest is making all of our content free. That's right... no premium stories. Everything is free! Dig back into the archives. Read all of content and enjoy Eagles insight from past and delve into the new content that we'll be providing.

But do it quick. You only have three days to unwrap our holiday gift and enjoy its benefits. Come Monday, all of the premium Eagles content becomes premium again. So try us out. Our archives are chock full of great information and we are letting you read it through the weekend. Enjoy premium access courtesy of the staff at WarNest.

Oh, by the way, not only is our content free, but we've got your invite to every site on the Scout.com network. Check out the best of the NFL, including info on division rivals Dallas, New York and Washington. Plus, news and info from around the league on other NFL sites on Scout.com.

Want the latest on the Phillies, you can get full Phillies coverage with PhillyBaseballNews.com. Plus, there's full coverage of Penn State and college basketball from around Philadelphia and the country.

Keep in mind while you're reading all of this great premium content, that you only have it for three days, but you can get it all day, every day with a premium subscription to WarNest.

Happy Holidays from everyone at WarNest and Scout.com!

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