Eagles Draft Update: Volume 1

With the season over, the spotlight slides over to what's going to happen in the off-season. With that in mind, we start getting Eagles fans ready with our Eagles Draft Update. In the first installment, we team up with TheNFLExperts.com to help you find what you need to know about the NFL Combine and Draft.

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2006 Eagles Draft Update

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The Eagles will have the 14th pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. With that in mind, we'll keep you updated throughout the off-season about the players who could be on their board and which way the Eagles will go with their pick.

Draft Rankings and Information

Underclassmen Watch - A list of underclassmen with links to more information on them and their draft status.

Underclassman Update: January 1, 2006 - Laurence Maroney makes it official; He's turning pro. Plus, information on other top underclassmen who are looking for glory in the NFL.

Combine Invitees - Get a rundown of the players invited to take part in the pre-draft combines.

Welcome to the TFY Draft Preview's full 2006 NFL Draft Combine Coverage Page.

For full coverage of the NFL Combine, visit TheNFLExperts.com.

::Combine Invitees: Offense: QBs RBs WRs FBs TEs OCs OTs OGs
Defense: DTs DEs MLBs OLBs CBs S    
Special Teams: Ks/Ps              

Top 20 Picks in the NFL Draft

  • Positions 21-32 will be determined by the outcome of the playoffs.

  • Teams with identical records are ranked based on strength of schedule.

  • The Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49'ers had identical records and identical strength of schedule. A coin toss decided their position in the draft.

1 Houston 2-14
2 New Orleans 3-13
3 Tennessee 4-12
4 NY Jets 4-12
5 Green Bay 4-12
6 Oakland 4-12
7 San Francisco 4-12
8 Buffalo 5-11
9 Detroit 5-11
10 Arizona 5-11
11 St.Louis 6-10
12 Cleveland 6-10
13 Baltimore 6-10
14 Philadelphia 6-10
15 Atlanta 8-8
16 Miami 9-7
17 Minnesota 9-7
18 Dallas 9-7
19 San Diego 9-7
20 Kansas City 10-6

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