Shrine Game: Notes & Team Interests

Several teams in attendance for Monday's East-West Shrine practice were very active interviewing potential future employees. The most interesting note from the sidelines is a general manager from an AFC team following Toledo quarterback Bruce Gradkowski's every move.

A list of the other players of interest from Monday's practices follows.

East Practice

Both the Ravens and the Broncos were interviewing all of the East team quarterbacks.

The Ravens, a squad in need of offensive line help, also spoke at length with Andrew Whitworth.

The Browns spoke to as many offensive lineman as they could as well as defensive end Rob Nincovich.

The Panthers spoke with defensive backs Gerrick McPhearson and Dion Byrum as well as receiver Brandon Williams.

Tampa Bay spoke with Wake Forest kicker Ryan Plackemeier.

The Eagles spoke with Tommy Jackson at length, as did the Saints and the Chiefs.

The Chiefs spoke with Brandon Williams.

The general manager from an AFC team following Toledo quarterback Bruce Gradkowski? Floyd Reese of Tennessee.

The CFL teams seemed very interested in Andy Fantuz.

West Practice

The Chiefs spoke with offensive linemen Aaron Merz and linebacker Fredicc Brock.

The Panthers spoke with offensive lineman Joe Toledo, defensive lineman Devan Long, and linebacker Trent Bray.

The Falcons spoke with Frostee Rucker.

The Jets spoke with Danieal Manning.

The Patriots spoke with Steve Fifita.

The Saints spoke at great length with linebacker Jamar Williams.

The Vikings spoke with Justin Wyatt.

The Ravens spoke with tight end Tim Day.


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